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Salmon cages adrift


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It would be possible to recover them, but not financially viable. If they have sunk (I doubt it) and it is because of the weight of dead fish in the nets, they will float up again somewhere after these morts have decomposed.


I'm probably just displaying my ignorance here, but don't dead fish float?

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So if dead fish don't float, how does "hand grenade fishing" work? (Genuine question.)


Its more technical than i can explain, but its to do with explosives etc using all the oxygen local to the fish as well as the shockwave and the fish having a vein of air in its back to keep it upright , it only floats a short time til the oxygen/gasses escape , same as mamals that drown

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I thought that during such fishing, the explosion creates a shock wave severe enough to rupture organs within the body, it has the same result on us too, although we may look unharmed from an explosion, there could be internal damage. The explosion must rupture the swim bladder, the fish use it to control depth.


with the letter in the News, I thought all non humans die inhumanely?


The gasses in the body I thought came from food and waste products festering and creating gasses, hence when a body is found it is floating and seems inflated and eyeless.

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^^ Which is fine, but where and how do you land 12, some semi-submerged, almost certainly kinda bruckit lumps of plastic/nets/whatever wi potentially anything up to 1000 tonnes of "not expected to have survived" partly rotten and continuing to rot fish.


Its hardly the kind of thing you can just wheek alangside some pier and hooich ashore in a lift wi a crane....


There gonna be a hell of a stink and slester someplace alang da aest side....swittlin aroond da Muddy Bay, it'll rival the Gut Factory as it was back in the day....A mercy hits da hert hol of wintir.... :?

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No exactly going too well, is it.


Salmon cages disappear again




Beginning to think the kindest thing all round would be to hand them over to the RAF as a bombing target....


Interesting to see the picture in that article. 7 of the cages do not look to be in such bad shape. I wonder if there are still anchors and chains attached to the cages which are partially submerged?


I also see they have come to the same conclusion as me!


He said that once they find the cages they hope to break them up and tow them back one or two at a time.


I suppose they need to cut them apart somehow and tow the cages back in smaller numbers. Or pieces. Not an easy job.
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Surprised that da Anglian Sovereign is sitting in Orkney when it could have got these cages under tow within a matter of hours if deployed to the scene. Why is it different if its cages rather than a boat?

Could it be that Shetland Coastguard didn’t task the tug to take charge of this hazard to shipping?

If so why not? – after all it was the Shetland community, including salmon farmers, that was instrumental in saving their jobs.


Or could it in fact be that use of the ETV was considered quite early on but that under current instructions it is not allowed to be deployed without reference to MCA HQ first and that such a deployment was expressly forbidden when it was suggested to MCA HQ. So perhaps you would be better off putting your question to MCA HQ, rather than criticising local officers without knowing all the facts.

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