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What do people in Shetland want but dont have available here

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OK, here's a bit of a mischief :idea:


What would we like to have, see brought to the islands, made available and accessible to us on the islands?

What would we enjoy more of or for that matter even a little taste of here on the islands?


Come on let it out! We all grumble about it at the neighbours, sigh about it when we get to Tesco, and dream about it as we are tossed about at sea on the ferry trip suffered, crossing to a place we get to taste it, experience it even if it is for but a short day or two..

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Well for one I would like a little healthy competition brought in by somewhere like Lidls, where we are not slaves to the climbing prices and limited choice of Tesco and Co-operative...

Something that might give us some choice on actually seeing the quality and selection available before we have to buy sight unseen and pay daylight robbery prices to have delivered to us. Also forcing the others to stop giving us the leftovers unsold in other stores because , as I was told "it doesn't really matter what we have on the shelf because shetlanders will buy whatever it is we have stocked because where else are they going to go!", and actually giving us a quality choice selection.

We get treated like neanderthal ignorants that are too limited to function in a modern society.


your turn.... 8)

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But it's not just the produce looked at.

I agree it's always best to support local growers and producers. Absolutely.

I was incorporating the clothing items, housewares, n groceries , the things that are not local.

For instance Lidls has good quality merchandise at good prices and it's changing every week. It's an appreciated option for families in these times.

I know things improved somewhat when tesco came in but they don't appreciate us and they do feel they have us over a barrel.

They cheat with sales up here. They take things off sale early n only put it back on if caught. I've even caught them marking up staple products considerably to bring them down as a price drop a couple weeks later.

We don't even get the same sales items as the mainland. It really is disgraceful.


On another note, it's not just this I posed the question about.

I wondered what was on other peoples wish list for Shetland :)


What would put a smile on your face, and a hop in your step if we gained it or for that matter if we got rid of it???

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More sport clubs so there can be a lot more inner island compitition.


Mabey the srt can help with this. Like Mabey have a basketball team coached in each centre which will be seperate teams that can play against each other.


I just wish shetland was more enthusiastic when it comes to getting new sports up here.

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