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3rd time lucky, what are you listening to now?


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After months of studying Mc Miker G and DJ Sven's music, particularly "Holiday Rap" I have uncovered some details.

"We'll take a little piece of Amsterdam" - this right here is international art theft my friends! Van Gogh's going missing in the 80's, yeah nobody suspected those guys with cardigans.

I've spoke with Brian Sewell and he suggested I speak to Interpol - the calls have been made and we should see some action soon!

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i think bob was less than impressed with the "alternative" tag. probably because it only came about as a means to legitimise all that noisy underground stuff for the mtv market..




love that whale track, brings back nice wonky memories... and yellow swans are suitably otherworldly.


those valentines eh, what are they like? rattling out albums every few months like the last 20 years never happened... i'm still absorbing the new output...

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