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3rd time lucky, what are you listening to now?


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i'll wait till you post something truly abhorrent before i comment further.


Challenge accepted:



ok, that can't escape without comment.


i could endure less than a minute of that saccharine-drenched sickly earjizz before switching it off in disgust. i can only assume that this whiny emotional radio-friendly oprah-pop is what passes for cultural enlightenment in unst. either that or you've finally got in touch with your "feminine side".


although the following paraphrase suggests this may have happened some time ago:


I still remember somewhere in the nineties... the sheer volume of that period.



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Could this maybe do for Valentine's instead....


Only if You buy me the largest box of Terry's All Gold dark chocolates Grotescos have in stock and do all the washing up for the next year. :wink:


Meanwhile, a few roses ...





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