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mobility help and info needed

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hi if you look at the mobility web site it tells you all cars available on mobility how much of a deposit(at least 50% free dearer cars a small deposit)also how much of your allowance again the smaller cars might not use up all the allowance

there is also a way of buying a car with money but there is age of car restrictions i'm not sure if all dealers work with this

i'd think if the car you decide has a shetland dealer it would be better to get it here as easier to deal with repairs/services/tyre changes etc.all of these things are paid through mobility as is insurance remember that if you go with buying you pay the above

you get a good millage now 60k over 3 years

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Looking for some friendly advice on mobility as first time user of mobility in shetland can anyone help???? 690537 is my number and thank you[/quo


The Vauxhaul garage in Lerwick are motability dealers in Shetland and also service any motability car.


The Citroen garage in Brae also service motability cars (even if its not a Citroen).


If you look on the Motability website you will be able to see what car will meet your needs and then be able to decide which car to go for. If you don't want a Vauxhaul then speak to one of the dealers in Aberdeen (there are plenty of them!) and see if they will put it on the boat for free.

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Hi there,


Ford & Mazda Garage (used to be sutherlands) are motability dealers. Ford Galaxy is a seven seater and has 3 full seats in the middle row so you can definately get 3 childs seats on the same row and im not sure if there are any other cars that you can do this with.



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Hi, first stop should be the motability website so you can see what cars are on offer and would suit you best.



There are several that have three seats across the middle (Ford galaxy, Citroen synergie and Fiat Ullyse (not sure if the fiat is one offered)).


Hope this helps.



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You don't get the advance payment back. I think at the end of the 3 year lease, as long as the car is still in good order, Motability used to send you a cheque for £250. Its still a good deal - you get a brand new car, all servicing, tyres, insurance, (road tax is free) are included. The only thing you pay for is fuel.

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Going to be putting £2000 advance payment down on the ford galaxy but does that money come back to me at any point? And thank you all very much for your inpit and hekp

check that you can still get that model. your maximum advanced payment is now 2k. also consider that the dla is being seriously messed with. it maybe worth paying a smaller advanced payment just in case you lose the benifit.

the Ford Galaxy 1.6 Zetec 5dr is at £1095 so save the othe grand and get a lower spec model

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