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Your Claim To Fame?


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About 20 years ago I was visiting my wife's father in L.A. He worked for Walt Disney but his next door neighbour was the Set Manager for Warner Bros.


Whilst on a tour of the Warner Bros set, the studio was recording a feature film ('A Walton Wedding' - 10 years on, John-Boy gets married etc) and needed extras.


I was pushed to the front of the crowd by my wife and spent 4 hrs on set.



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I feature within the pages of a best selling novel (not as Sherlock, I might add). I advised the author for around 18 months, with regards to the nature of his crime scenario, and how this would be investigated. It was most gratifying and fascinating, particularly when the author sent me a draft manuscript to proof read. His agent then requested a few words of opinion, which were presented to his publishers as an endorsement from a "real" detective!


I "collect" authors, having had the honour of the above, having met and had coffee with Sir Terry Pratchett several times, the same with Mr Ian Rankin, as well as communicating with a former CIA operative, turned author, and a prolific best-selling American crime writer.


Your humble (yet proud) servant :)

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My dad developed the smell of gas. When it is processed and ready to use in homes, it has no smell. The smell is added so people know they have a leak and is based on how it smells when it comes out of the ground. My dad was an industrial chemist, and his employers got the contract to make the smell universal as it used to smell slightly different depending on where it had come from.

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"da great detective"? :?


Was he not a mouse, named "Basil"? :roll:


There is nothing else for it. Watson, be a good fellow and pass the Flying Saucers, would you? I require a "pick-me-up"! Strictly medicinal purposes, don't you know!


That's better... Mr Barratt, where would I be without you?


Your humble servant :D


Post Scriptum

(Of course, that was, in fact, one of my peers, Mr John Wilson Murray :wink: )

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