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The Zeitgeist Movement: Shetland


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I think there was a movement in Shetland, but the local branch of the Bilderberg group got wind and had the NATO black helicopters abduct everyone for re-programming.


They are now the SRT... :shock: :P


Honestly, this should end with: "...and they all lived happily ever after, in their Utopian land of milk and honey, with no crime and food, heat, lighting, education and property for EVERYONE. My, aren't we clever and smug?"


Yeah, right, we should all withdraw all our money and dump it outside the banks and - magically - the nasty evil bankers will call the nasty evil police and tell them to let us all have a wonderful life, free of money. And all the worlds ills will be cured. But I missed the bit where they explained in a credible and comprehensible way, how they intend to do this...


Zeitgeist? Must be German for "Numpty". :roll:

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Ah! Now then, be very careful, GR. I heard that "Holy Grail" is in reality a thinly-veiled allegory, examining and exposing, the influence of the Church/Illuminati on our society ("Bring out your dead" "I'm not dead, you know". That'll be all of us that speak out... :shock: )


Mind you, I "heard" it from the voices in my head, the day I forgot to wear my tinfoil cap and Superman underpants... :shock: :oops: :P

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How easy it is for you trolls on this forum to dismiss new ideas....

"it's just Conspiracy Theory..."...blah blah blah

and here is me thinking what an open-minded and progressive community we have here...able to enter into constructive and interesting debate...

obviously i am mistaken...

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Your own, or other folks'? Do they let you have the sharp scissors? I have to cut MY hair with the coloured plastic ones. Boy, it takes forever, but it keeps me busy as I wait for Kroton and the Betelgeusians to arrive in the mothership. :shock:


I have a conspiracy theory that all these conspiracy theories are put out there by a group of politicians and business men, known in elite circles as "the Inbred Ones" (gasp! :shock: Sssssh!! Ssh! I said SSSSSSHHH!!! :x ) They all cover for the sh*thole they're steadily digging us into, day by day, black helicopter by black helicopter, owl statue by owl statue, bank by bailed out bank.....


Someone told me that 9/11 backwards is 11/9. 11/9ths is 1 and 2/9ths. Which, if you multiply it by ten, take away four, add your age, divide by your shoe size and then subtract the number of the Beast, is STILL not your I.Q. - but is it the number you were thinking of?? - although close, if you believe any of this dreck. :shock:


I mean, sheesh! :roll:


(So, Siccar, do you use Tesco's own, or the designer stuff, Bacofoil? I find Tesco's soooo thin, and I can't do a thing with it somedays and... :wink: )



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