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Shetland Football 2012


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could u please describe the madrid cup format? just looked at the site and it doesnt realy make much sense. will every team play each other once? then the top 4 goes through or....?


The Madrid Cup will be a single league with each team playing each other once and the top four through to the semi's.


Lively, they entered the league and the Fraser Cup there is nothing in the constitution that states a team has to enter all or none of the competitions, and I believe that the association were keen to keep the league at eight teams instead of it going back to seven.

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It was Celtic that put it forward, so that it kept it to a minimum of 25 games for the other teams with Ness not entering the Madrid Cup or the Manson Cup. No objections to it from those present at the monthly meeting, I think there will be a draft set of fixtures ready for the March meeting so know more then.

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So.... in order to win the 7 team Madrid cup, a team will have to play 8 matches?! :?


Worth trying something different i suppose tho.


Madrid Cup was usually 2 groups of 4. Teams played each other home & away meaning each had 6 group matches. The top 2 in each group went to the semis then final. I'm no mathematician but the winners had to play 8 matches to win it.


This is a step forward. The Madrid Cup is usually the first cup of the season which meant things always got stale playing the same teams for the first 5 or 6 weeks.

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any other transfer news? management news...?


I understand that Scalloway are without a manager? Any truth in this? What is the situation at Ness? Lots of rumours flying around that they cant field a team, etc.


Whitedale? Ali Scott (good young talent) off out to Australia for 6 months so he'll be a big miss, any other news? Take it Wilson is staying...


Crisis at Celtic? nobody turning up to training, any truth?


So far... Paul Molloy to Spurs, Nathan MacDonald to Spurs, Neil Fenwick to Celtic....any others?

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rumour has it, Celtic star Lowrie Simpson was seen leaving the AHS last night at around 2100 hours. For those of you who dont know, Lerwick Spurs train at the games hall every tuesday night. Any truth in this?


also, Richard Manson signing for Delting? he is going out with a girl from ollaberry and has taken the decision to leave his native Thistle.

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