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Shetland Football 2012


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Ness v whitedale, celtic v spurs, scalloway v thistle, whalsay v delting.


Ness/wdale v celtic/spurs and whal/delt v scall/thistle.


All players must be signed to play in the highland fuels, games to commence mid march.

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celtic any new signings?


who was in goals for them?


Paul Grant is their regular and I think possibly the Wood boy is back up. Depending on what happens with Paul's future court date(as I'm sure that's what you're getting at) then possibly they may need cover.

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Yes, seemingly that is the case you can get it by emailing the sfa registrations department and giving the players D.O.B and country of origin and they will check and email back if that player is eligable to sign amatuer forms for your team.

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I was just wondering how it was decided if a player was from outside scotland?


Is it like what country they are eligable to play for at international level?



or what country you are registered at birth in?


And can living in scotland for a certain amount of years make you not need it?

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As far as I understood it, then its your country of birth and if you have played football outside Scotland also, eg a Shetland student studying in England who had played there at amatuer level would also need to get it.


If you are in any doubt about it then like I said contact the SFA registrations department at Hampden or email karen.costello@scottishfa.co.uk with the players DOB country of origin or the country they last played in and ask that they check that they are cleared to play. It took them four days to get back to us on the two clearances we asked for.


Its up to the clubs to do this not the Association.

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