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Shetland Football 2012


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you'd have to put whalsay as favourites, however i think both spurs and celtic can push them all the way.


spurs have made a couple of really good signings, but the team seem to play as individuals and as we all know they beginning arguing with themselves when thtings are not going right.


celtic need to get off to a good start before their students get back to ensure that they are still in the running. obviously losing webb will be a blow but im sure they can push on.


outsiders would be whitedale and maybe delting, thistle, scalloway and ness to fight it out for bottom spot.


any ideas as to who could be a surprise player of the season, any young players that people think will have a good year?

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Whalsay will again be outright favourites for the League this year. Not just down to there playing surface but the quality of players in their team. They won the league last year with bad injuries to Colin Anderson and Karl Williamson, both are back fit this campaign.


Its going to be another close year with Spurs certainly hoping to bolster a strong challenge. You can never rule out Celtic with the young players coming home, Connor Reagan and James Aitken can still bring success to the club, but will the loss of Webb be too much for them? I dont care what anyone says on here, Celtic losing Webb is a massive blow for them. Webb is a quality player, you just have to look at last seasons Dream Team table to prove that. I think Celtic can cope without Webb, but to posess such a strong challenge towards the league without a player of Webbs ability?... I think they'll fall well short.


Going to be an interesting season though, and after all these friendlies, will Thistle be a surprise package???

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Is anybody else getting bored of hearing about the Jordan Webb saga? The fact is that by the look of previous posts any Celtic victory there are going to be jibes aimed at him. Whilst I'm sure that wont bother Mr Webb much it takes the shine of the players who the pitch who did the business for Celtic which is the sad thing. I presume if when Spurs lose a game the same situation will occur, which again will take the shine off of whoever has beaten them. A bit of a shame if you ask me?


As some previous posts have mentioned one player doesn't make a team and I am a firm believer in this. Webb will be a loss to Celtic but will it affect them so much that they fail to be a force anymore? I very much doubt it. Spurs have signed a couple of good players but that doesn't make them the team to beat. Whalsay are firm favourites and rightly should be. Im sure they will be going quietly about there business as usual and at the moment I cant see them being toppled.


Lets just all look forward to the season now and let the football do the talking.

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In terms of 1st teams, there isn't a lot to choose between Whalsay, Spurs and Celtic. Where Whalsay have the edge is in terms of leaders and characters who can drag them through when things are going badly.


This has been Spurs problem for years, and Celtic are very similar, with the loss of Webb increasing their problems as he was someone who they looked to when they were struggling.


With Whalsay getting the Thomson brothers onboard, I think they should be considered clear favorites.


All the other teams will be battling for 4th in my opinion, with Thistle and Whitedale best of the rest.

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Celtic still have leaders, Joel Bradley, Paul Grant (captained many times last season) and John Simpson (ex captain/very experianced player). They also have new signing, the Fenwick lad who was a leader for Ness last season. It will be between them and Whalsay this season as I believe the madrid cup is played first meaning their students will have returned for the begining of the league campaign. Whalsay are clear favourites although they will only have one thomson onboard as Eric is going to be working fulltime down the road. Spurs need to start playing as a team, stop getting down eachothers throats and sort there defence. If they do that they will be a force. I believe Thistle will improve this year, they have been very impressive in the pre season friendlies without the Teales, Stuart Smith and Neil Laurenson. Cannot wait to be watching the teams of Shetland grace the green grass again in 5 weeks time!!

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bressay v unst v sandwick/wastside/cunningsburgh


is the bressay half o the draw.


the other side sees the 'big boys' of the past few years delting, whalsay and southend. INteresting draw and a good opportunity for an outsider to sneak in....


Erik thompson's no even comin home this summer!!



saves the other unst boys needing to carry him for another 90 mins. :P

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Highland fuels draw and dates as follows (all games booked for Harbison Park , Whalsay) 18:45 ko








Monday 19th March Ness Utd v Whitedale




Thursday 22nd March Celtic v Spurs




Monday 26th March Whalsay v Delting




Thursday 29th March Scalloway v Thistle








Monday 2nd April Whalsay/Delting v Scalloway/Thistle




Thursday 5th April Ness Utd/Whitedale v Celtic/Spurs








Wednesday 11th April TBC v TBC

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