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Shetland Football 2012


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Preliminary Round – Saturday 12th May

Delting v Yell

Westside v Cunningsburgh



Quarter Final – Saturday 23rd June

Sandwick v Westside / Cunningsburgh

Whitedale v Southend

Bressey v Unst

Whalsay v Delting / Yell



Semi Final – Saturday 7th July


Bressey / Unst v Sandwick / Westside / Cuningsburgh

Whalsay / Delting / Yell v Whitedale / Southend



Final – Saturday 18th August


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Why the draw couldn't have been made a few weeks ago before the leagues drew up their fixtures is beyond me. Then the weekends could have been kept free for these games and avoided a whole lot of rearranging. A good few teams asked them to do it but they wouldn't.



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Works League is played at the weekend and quite a few teams will be badly affected. Also I can't see the A's teams that will be adversley affected (mainly country teams, toon teams won't be near as bad) being too keen on playing two games in two days. I just find it amazing that the Parish Cup can't work with the established leagues, the bread and butter of Shetland football, to find a manageable solution.

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The current list of players is up on the Shetland Fantasy Football website. It's accurate for the teams we have received data from (Still waiting on Whitedale, Whalsay, Scalloway and Celtic).




If anyone can see any mistakes, or transfers or players names spelled incorrectly, please let me know and I'll get it changed.



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