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Great Guitarists?


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Agree with Bernard - had the pleasure of jamming wi him many o time and he is the best rock guitarist shetland has produced.


Glad someone appreciates Bernard. He is such a talented guy but just doesn't believe in himself enough. Have spent many an evening with him at the Villans recording stuff on his recording equipment. We are good mates, even though I am nearly old enough to be his mam!! We were even going to record our own CD at one time!! He is also a very accomplished songwriter, but tends to "hide his light under a bushel!. Bob Dylan, eat your heart out :!: :!: :D :D :D

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Jeff Beck is another who is not mentioned. He is probably the only guitarist alive today who continues to break new ground on the instrument.


I saw Jeff Beck at the Albert Hall a few years ago, guesting with Nitin Sawhney, and he did absolutely astounding things with a strat and a volume pedal.


It sounded like a woman's voice at times. Really eerie.

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Have to second (third?) Roadslave. Beck's the bizz. Almost every album thoroughly musical and thoroughly different to last. Plus nonchalant techno-voodooery.


Now, to step out on a bit of a limb, Mr "Prostrate with his Prostate" himself, Frank Zappa: perfect guitar monologues and soliloquies; all the notes right, 'specially the wrong ones. Marvellous musical compositions, topped off with dumbass feckwitted lyrics to show he ain't takin' it all too seriously, though, of course, the stupidity is also it's own serious point.


Okay, the branch is audibly about to give way but, hell! I'm uhnna tell it onna Mountain!!! I could listen to Billy Gibbons all day too.


Now you may cast me into outer darkness.


Oh. Actually, anyone heard any Matthias 'IA' Eklund?? Guitar pyromaniac with a soul - of sorts? I like him, though he's bugged everwun I've played him to.


Oh. Oh. Yeah. Nearly forgot: Jerry Douglas - Dobro playing to pull yer entrails out to.


That's me then.



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It's just dawned on me that none of you have mentioned Steve Vai yet 8O


Even Zappa mentioned but no Vai! Hell, he played all over Zappa.


A funny thing though, i went to google for who played on PIL's "Album" as it is one of my all time favourite lead guitar albums and guess what it's Vai again!! :o I thought it was John McC-something-or-other.


What can i say? Don't overlook Steve Vai?


(The talking guitar bit at the beginning of Passion and Warfare has long remained a notable guitar moment for me, and it's funny too!)


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i could even say

that Ron (bumblefoot) amazing or Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert or even Yngwie Malmsteen.


:oops: Way ahead of me Bullet-in-the-mailman, there was Steve Vai, right there in the first post. I'll away and clean my reading glasses and my memory as i now recall noticing him when this thread started. Doh! (Still worth another mention though)


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