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Great Guitarists?


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Charlie Christian - trailblazing bebop-er. Played horn like lead lines when most other guitarists were comping on chords


Grant Green - Count Basie's long serving guitarist. Revelutionised the role of guitar in modern music


Wes Montgomery - this guy could swing!


Jim Hall - One of the most prolific jazzers. Still on the go after a 65 year career


Herb Ellis - I think his best period was a 1953 to 1958 stint with the Oscar Peterson Trio


Pat Metheny - A modern master of jazz influenced guitar. Bright Size Life is an amazing trio album, with Jaco Pastorius on bass guitar



As for local guitarists, Inness Thompson (of Fair Isle, now Glasgow) is a funky mo-fo! The best funk guitarist I have ever played with


That'll do fur noo!

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Erm, Peerie Willy Johnson.



Mr. Bullet, I listened to Dream Theater. There was only around 15 seconds of the CD that I enjoyed. I like emotional, emotive music!


well that can happen. dont worry im sure the illness will pass when you let it, maybe its just a bug up your butt, up our maybe your finger...:P :roll: :wink:

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Many already mentioned - Django Reinhardt, Chet Atkins, Robert Thompson & the other bluesmen, Julian Bream ...


Frank Zappa must be on the list (& not just as support for Vai!).


John Williams is v-e-r-y nearly as good as Julian Bream.


Paco Pena plays truly astonishing flamenco guitar, and there's a whole scene there to explore.


Johnny Winter definitely had his moments.

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