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33 Million of Cost/Savings Per Annum


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Most Local Authorities South that went down the 'fortnightly collection' route only did so to bump up their recycling rates, because it effectively made recycling mandatory - if you wanted to get rid of ALL your rubbish, you had to recycle. Now that there's no govt. financial incentive for high recycling they're all backtracking. Besides, up here there's a Waste-to-Energy plant that needs all the rubbish it can get. Can't see a fortnightly collection happening.

The recycling effort, and the composting, only really affects the domestic collection...there's still the collection from commercial premises too.


It's a wonder the Council don't put their collection statistics online...

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Changing the rubbish collection is like many of the strange ideas that seem to crop up all the time (like turning off streetlights etc) - how long any individual can "last" without a collection is irrelevant - it all has to be collected and the routes are carefully planned and constantly changed so that the essey kert is full at the end.


If they were to do it fortnightly it would take twice as long with half that time as overtime! Not much of a saving! - but some people would *think* there was because they would only see the essey kert half as much.

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From Shetland News...see link... http://www.shetnews.co.uk/news/6142-watchdog-praises-improving-sic


SHETLAND Islands Council has been given the seal of approval from The Accounts Commission two years after a damning report following an embarrassing public hearing into its affairs.


However the public finance watchdog warns that Scotland’s wealthiest local authority faces a tough future as it tries to cut spending by around 20 per cent over two years.


Is this really going to be achieved...if so, it’s going to get very though!

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I was believing it until I got to the commercial at the bottom. Nothing like a good scare story to sell your magazine.


Might be a bit of a scare story but, have you tried ignoring the adverts? After all, they do want to sell their magazine.


Personally, I think that a lot of their ideas are quite credible. Governments will always sacrifice the general population in order to maintain some kind of control. It's for your own good you know. :?:


PS; my money is under the mattress.... :D

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