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SIC Elections - 3rd May, 2012

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Does anyone else feel that it should be weighted in favour of those with more 1st Pref.?

No, I think this is a good system. I also think that having more people representing larger wards is much better than the old way.

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There are pro and anti windfarm candidates standing in every ward and the results will give us perhaps the clearest indication of where the majority of the Shetland public stand on this issue. I don't think it is selfish for the candidates and press to have concentrated on this issue.


All 5 candidates for the Nort isles were asked at the hustings in Mid Yell if they would support the VE project. The only one who said he would not support it as it stands was Alan Skinner who then went on to say on the Shetland Times website that he would support it if the Charitable Trust reduced their percentage in the project. It was pretty obvious though that anyone standing for the Nort isles would feel fairly confident in supporting the project without risking votes because it ain't being built in our back-yard. Even though Steven Coutts apparantly lives within 2km of the wind farm and supports it (he is a member of the Green party) it was interesting to hear his wife on the election live programme saying that they are considering moving back to Yell! I can't help but wonder how much the "not in my back-yard" comes into play there as well.


As said wife of Steven Coutts I would like to clarify that I'm not in the habit of NIMBYisms. I would consider moving closer to the windfarm given the right property and other factors we would look for just as much as I would moving to Yell. I apologise for not giving a full listing of places we might consider to move to. I do wonder how an on the spot interview in which I mention a "consideration" can be construed as a not in my back yard comment. Maybe we'll move to Burravoe and live happily amongst the turbines there if they get built, or maybe we'll move to the Toon... either way I'm sure some people will never be happy. :)

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Having read the election results, where the votes went etc. I do wonder how many of the candidates who got in on 7th votes would have been elected had the person handing out the ballot paper not told each person to rank the candidates 1-7, whilst omitting the fact that you didn't need to vote for all 7 candidates.


For folk who understand the system, this is fine, but for those who aren't used to it/don't understand it, surely this is encouraging votes for candidates who would not necessarily have been given a vote otherwise?


Whilst I was in voting I even overheard someone reminding her elderly mother that she didn't need to use all 7 votes, just to vote for who she wanted to vote for - this was after the pensioner was told to rank each candidate 1-7!

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Training for polling station staff included information that staff should read the instructions at the top of the ballot paper to each voter before they were given the paper. This included:


Three (or four in the case of Lerwick) candidates will be elected;

You can choose as many or as few as you wish;

Candidates should be ranked by choosing 1 for your first choice, 2 for your second, 3 for your third and so on

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