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Should it be legal to smack your child?


Smacking children made legal  

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  1. 1. Smacking children made legal

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    • no

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Voted yes.


I knew the rules when I was a child and I knew what might happen if I broke the rules, did me no harm.


Desperate lack of respect in the UK society nowadays, I blame the nanny state. Good example was that scrote who was kicked off the train at Christmas time for not having a ticket. One drunken yob who knows in todays society he can do what the hell he wants and get away with it. Upshot is that everyone on the train is held up for 20 mins, the ticket inspector is signed off sick for weeks, and the guy who took it upon himself to sort out the situation charged by the police (dropped now)

And yet the scrotes dad was still defending him that he'd done nothing wrong :roll:


As for the sort of cr4p that school teachers have to put up - thankless job nowadays.

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We got many a scelp when we were young and there's not once we didn't deserve it.. Even in the school we got the strap which did no long term harm and to this day i still respect every one off my teachers who we pushed to the limits no wonder we got what we deserved..Im my eyes there's a majority of youngsters have no respect for adults what so ever..

Why..?? Because they know quite well they can get away with it and there's sod all people can do about them or they will be done by the law..

We are breeding a bunch o pansies these days who cant take what they deserve.. :cry:

By the way i'm not saying all youngsters are like this there are some really nice polite young people out there also.. :D

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I'm confused by this post as it IS legal to smack your child in Scotland - as long as it isn't around the head and is not done using an implement (e.g. belt, spoon, slipper etc).




I personally think it is wrong to hit children. Adults don't usually go around hitting other adults so why should we hit children? Hitting children is only teaching them that's it's ok to hit others and we certainly wouldn't be happy if children started hitting us. Don't get me wrong I think children definately need more discipline these days but there are many, many other ways to discipline children in a more positive way.

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Guest posiedon

maybe we should be eating the seals instead of moaning about shooting them

I have no problem with shooting an animal for food but that's not the case with the seals, is it?
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