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SURVEY - Tongue in cheek


How do I present my opinion?  

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  1. 1. How do I present my opinion?

    • Always anonymously on any forum that allows.
    • Only on Shetlink (which is anonymous :)
    • Here (I'm shy) - elsewhere I stand proud with name emblazoned)
    • I'm a SIC councillor so can't take part in this (TIC) survey
    • I need more options
    • I can suggest more options

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OK - Shetlink is an anonymous forum. (and long may it be so) But FOR A BIT of FUN I would like to kick of a survey for us Shetlinkers. (It may not have a Ghost of a chance of working and if i rePeat myself it may be not Unlinked).


We're all anonymous here but how many of you Shetlinkers regularly subscribe to, or attend, other forums where you are obliged to identify yourself ( if you're honest). Like facebook, The Shetland Times, the National Press, Twitter, Shetland Life, the Council etc. (You know what I mean :)

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Own name on

Facebook very occasionally as don't see the point

Shetland Crimes but they are very selective with what they publish in 'spin' sort of way

Iceland Review

Reykjavik Grapevine

so called Scotsman, Herald ,Telegraph, New Statesman, Newsnet and John Redwoods blog, although it they don't require identification.. Guardian under a pen name I have forgot


As a person of not inconsiderable political opinions and occasional failure to express these politely, this is likely not safe but ach - you die in the end anyway

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Of course, you don’t have to post anonymously on Shetlink.


Although, having been rather embarrassingly challenged face-to-face (on what I mistakenly thought at the time was a harmless, throw away comment), I’ve certainly curtailed my shetlink activities and now tend to post under a moniker if I’m criticising anyone there's a slim chance I might actually meet!

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