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Shetland Bus Question

Kavi Ugl

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Hello Shetlinkers, I have a question in relation to the Shetland Bus.

Can anybody tell me if the vessel M/K Thoralf M-90-HØ was a Shetland Bus vessel?. Is her name actually Sævik though?.

There's a model of M-90-HØ in the Unst Boat Haven.


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Hmm, that wikipedia list was compiled by Oddrun and lifted from Shetlopedia :cry:


Had a look through the Shetlopedia version and Thoralf/Saevik does not appear. Neither does a boat of either name appear in the Shetlopedia Timeline, years from 1940 to 1945, which lists many, many boats arriving from Norway with refugees. That is not to say it did not arrive in Shetland at some time and as Shetlopedia is a work in progress, it could be added as and when more information is forthcoming.

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