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Pedestrian Lights

jack reacher

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Just be thankful they're not stuck permanently on red. The coppers would be standing by rubbing their hands in glee handing out tickets.


Folk managed to cross the road without getting too miracled too often for a long time when there were no crossings or lights, so us old beggars will just revert to former "look, pray, run" mode.

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My Dad got knocked doon at da lights at Freefield a number o years ago sam thing dae wir at red driver wisna charged and he went on tae cause anidder accident at Scallawa an wisna charged me Dad hed umteen operations tae his brokin leg but it was never bak tae normal. He suffered for years we arthritis efter.

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When the lights are out cars are meant to stop for people waiting to cross, I stopped and waited yesterday while 12 cars passed the other way. Poor show shetland drivers!


All the drivers who've stopped to let folk cross while the lights have been oot deserve a warm fuzzy feeling all of there very own. Thank. You.


I'll no repeat what I've mouthed at those running a red light (when working!) or insisted on crawling nose-to-tail in the 5 o'clock rush-10-minutes when cars coming the other way have already stopped to let folk cross.

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Do you think there is any chance the SIC could fix the Pedestrian crossing light in Lerwick?

There has been three sets not working since the middle of December.That is now over two months.

Will it need for someone to get run over trying to cross before they are fixed?

Council trying to run a Fibre Network but cannot fix a light bulb!

As far as I have heard.... they are at the end of their life, you can't get spares any more, and the budget to replace them has not been given any money. Bit more than bulbs required :(


They are new technology, canna see how they can be at the end of their life. LED panels and new controls have been fitted in recent years.

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I wonder how many of the idiots who speed through the town, tailgating (and one young clown headed into town, on the road past Sound School, the other day, looking to overtake as he approached the roundabout!!) and the like know their stopping distances? Bear in mind these are for optimum road and weather conditions, and with good working brakes, and you can add on a fair few feet, any given day, in Shetland!


There are so many times I feel like giving my handbrake a quick tug as they rev up behind me, but common sense prevails- so far!


As for the lights not working, I regularly see folk drive through them as they go to red in the first place, all round the town! The one outside Harry's is worst for this. Bear in mind there's bairns coming out pretty regular, with their mums, or on their own... I saw a Council van do this two weeks ago, while a mum with a pushchair and a toddler waited to cross. There were three guys chatting and laughing in the van. They never even slowed. :shock:

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