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Is there a doctor shortage in your area?  

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^ I think it is fair to say there is good and bad in both private and public. I think what is encouraging is the move away from the old style care/nursing homes whereby (oops, Goffman again!) all the chairs in the TV lounge are in rows, all residents have their own rooms, meals at set times, etc., and more a move towards "villages" where there are communal facilities but residents can have pets, have their own studio-like flats (with their own bathrooms and kitchens) but can still live safely within the confinement (or not) of a village-like community.


You are right when you say we speak of our own personal experiences - sadly, the public-run care home my mum first went into was dire, followed by a private one that stole some of her cash (literally - I was unaware of her moving there and had to step in) but thankfully, the care home she now resides in, whilst I personally feel could have improvements, meets her needs and the main thing is that she is as happy as larry there, not wanting to live anywhere else. She can have a coffee/drink/whatever when she wants and whilst other residents do have dementia, she doesn't appear to be at all bothered by them.


I just feel that people should have the choice as to whether or not to go public or private if their finances permit.

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The thing is, there isn't a move towards 'village' style accommodation in this country. There is a consensus that long-term care provided in smaller units is best, but this is not borne out in reality. Care homes are getting bigger: when I say that, I mean bigger, more faceless, more 'institutional'. Many of the criticisms made by Goffman in 'Asylums' still relate to these.


Glad your mum's experience is positive. Should be the norm!

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^ I know they building quite a few in Lincolnshire as my dad is really keen on moving into one instead of the sheltered accommodation run by a housing association he is in at present. (Again, speaking from personal experience/knowledge). I thought he'd never move but after staying in one when his kitchen was done up, he was really impressed and has his name down on the waiting list - seems as though they can't build enough of them there to meet demand.

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Just to let folk know about the general situation with communications. I still have only received a minimal amount of replies. From letters written to all the councillors, letters were also passed on to many of the managers, I find this a let down and unacceptable.


If your letter writing is anything like your posts on here most of them are still scratching their heads wondering WTF you are on about, the rest are waiting for Derick Herning to get back to them with a translation.

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It's a shame what is happening to the advanced residents in Viewforth...but i fear the die is cast,

some great posts in this thread by shetlandpeat...well done mate.



Wait until they introduce CCTV monitored CELLS with electric perimeters and neighbor installed panic buttons in the event of escapees........woe is us.


Sounds like this turn around in established understanding of the needs of challenged elderly is the formulation of a young graduate trainee given a position of power that feels he has to change things to make an impression....regardless of the outcome...... because blame is easily placed else where!

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I have forwarded the information, the last letter I have got makes a proposal. This is a summary....

Plans are already in place to extend ET House and Taing House, they are already funded as far as budgets. This will offer better conditions for service users and staff with total security.

The reason for considering any closure is based on the future works Viewforth seems to need, extensive is the term used. With restrictive funding, it will not be seen as V.F.M.


If the works were to be done on Viewforth, it would mean moving the service users out until the overhaul is done, and then moving them back into unfamiliar surroundings for the 2nd time.


end of summary


I know only a little of ET House and none of Taing House.


I hope this forwards this debate.


Thanks for the comments Salmon.


I would like to add that I appreciate receiving communications from the four councillors so far. I am saddened about the other eighteen who have yet to reply.

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