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We recently introduced 3rd party advertising to try to offset some of our costs, which have increased greatly due to the high volume of traffic the site is getting.


Unfortunately, one advert in particular flashes in a very irritating way. There is nothing we can do about it, so we have decided to stop using 3rd party advertising for now.

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Or we could always make a donation to Shetlink to help cover their costs! Theres a link on the homepage to do this.


Have to admit i've not done it yet :oops: because I dont have a paypal account and dont intend to start one. But I might meet Bryan in a pub sometime (thinks - maybe not the best place to hand him money :) )

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Claudias wrote



Could you please get your advertisers to reduce the frequency of flashing on their sites.The quick flashes make me giddy and I can only read posts at the bottom of pages if I left click on the sidebar. A minor annoyance but mine own.


This probably only works for right handed people but keeping something like a postcard handy to hold over the flashing adverts would work.

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Hey folks. I contacted the Ad Agency, and they reckon they can remove the annoying flashing ads, so I'll stick them back on for now and see what happens....


We get a cent or two everytime an ad is clicked (multiple clicks aren't counted and can result in us having our account closed). The revenue generated will go towards webhosting and bandwidth charges. It says in the Ad Agency's Terms&Conditions that we're not allowed to encourage folk to click the ads, which we wouldn't dream of doing :wink:

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