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I certainly haven't noticed any pop-overs, pop-ups or pop unders when browsing Shetlink. Unless Firefox is blocking them on my side (although it would usually let me know) then I reckon something more sinister is lurking on your machine Ghostrider. Try running a few spyware/adware scanners and see what it throws up. Ewido is a particular favourite of mine --> http://www.ewido.com/


The thought that I might have something unhealthy lurking in the guts of this machine had crossed my mind, and was part of the reason for asking, as if nobody else gets them that tells it's own story! :? I've run Ad-Adware since I started getting them, they've been around for at least a month, and all it pulled was the usual slew of tracking cookies. A second opinion is worth having though, thanks for the link.

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AdAware is generally pretty good at picking up nasties. There a few gremlins about at the moment that are particularly difficult to get rid of. None of the Spyware/Adware programs can remove them. They detect them alright but can't do anything about removing them. Total and utter pain in the rear end.

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just a popup which is blocked by google toorbar anyway. I use it.


Cheers for the suggestion, but we decided not to use pop-ups as they are infuriating! I know most folk have pop-up blockers, but quite a few don't.


What about pop-unders? This site gives me an occasional one once in a while.... Wasn't entirely sure where they were coming from, or what they were for before as I closed them from the task bar without looking at them, but got one earlier tonight when this was the only site I had open and it was one of those all singing all dancing near full screen types for a Casino....


Not really an issue, I can deal with closing out of them as long as there's no more than have been, just wondering if they're actually supposed to be here after reading the quoted statement?


I've only just read this now. I too have been aware of a casino ad coming out of nowhere. I've concluded that it must be a hidden piece of javascript or somesuch within one of the invocation codes to a banner that appears. However, I've not been able to pinpoint which ad. Investigating.... as it doesn't always happen!

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Well, at least if someone else is getting them too I'm not hallucinating, I was beginning to wonder, as the spyware/virus scans were picking up nothing of note. :?


This one is another that pops up occasionally as well http://www.burstnet.com/gifs/registry_helper_491x108_grey_ok_c_083006.gif I'd forgotten about it when I posted earlier, but I got in again a few minutes ago. The banner ad that came up with the site page was the one for Orange and the Erikson phone, but I've had that one up many times before without it bringing anything with it. I have no idea what ads were up when I got previous ones, I never thought to pay attention, I was probably too pre-occupied swearing at whoever invented the pop up ad concept. :lol:


Onywye......pretty much a no sweat issue, as long as they don't breed and end up giving multiples with every page, like some sites, it's easy enough to live with as is.

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Due to increases in Shetlink visitors, our monthly bandwidth and associated costs have been steadily rising . To help cover some of these costs, we've added an area of advertising at the left of the pages


We decided to use google contextual ads again as they are fairly unobtrusive and (reasonably) relevant to the website content


A quick reminder - if anybody wishes to place text or image adverts on Shetlink (or www.zetcast.com ) you can visit www.shetlink.com/adnetwork to find out more

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