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Do you buy Shetland milk?


Do you buy Shetland milk?  

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  1. 1. Do you buy Shetland milk?

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prefer not to in Coop as it has such a short date, usually buy "organic" as it tastes nicer and closer to what we were used to south. Would prefer not to have to drink homogenised standardised milk. We get through about 3litres a week up here, as opposed to at least 1litre a day south, 1 of the 1st things the (not so small) bairn asks for when we step off the boat/plane is milk.

Would also help if the Shetland milk bottles kept the strong flavours out and the seals on the bottles were more reliable, half the time they leak if you make the mistake of putting them on their side the other half you need a knife or similar to get the pull tag off.

Milk bags made a welcome return to the shelves of Sainsbury's and it is great how little space they seem to take up in the fridge, I'd be interested to see if they'd work up here, we've still got our orange jug.

ps the idea of filtered milk eg Cravendale is enough to turn all our stomachs, it even makes tea taste odd.

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always used to buy Shetland Milk out of principal. Have stopped since they changed their packaging for the worse. Had plenty of leaky bottles and also milk that never even kept until its given date because of inadequate packaging. I find their butter is very watery, so will not be buying that any longer either. Changed to LL milk, as we use very little milk and most went off and got wasted. So until Shetland Farm Dairy ups their standard I will take my business elsewhere.

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most of the time. however in tescos its 50p dearer so depending on funds. butter always as its cheaper just wish it was a bit softer. cheese we love jays cheese however it gets eaten to quickly so mainly cheap stuff. thou wendslydale is my prefered.

beef always

lamb same

pork the cheese factory have started selling local pork so will use more/ bacon sadly not woulfd love to just buy british but not always possible.

eggs our own

chicken ours or british high welfare

fish always local

potatoes local unless buying a sack or chipping potatoes.

would love to buy more local but the cost factor comes into play.

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Paul B try keeping the butter in a cupboard rather than the fridge which keeps it softer. I am 100% for supporting the Shetland dairy despite the problems that I too have experienced with leaky bottles. I know that they are working on these problems. It bothers me when people complain about 'Sooth' milk being a bit cheaper - it's not much extra to pay to support your local dairy and as Mag said it's less food miles. I do worry that the dairy will end up closing due to people supporting 'Sooth' milk and then i'm sure those people would be the first to complain that there is no dairy here.

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I am not disagreeing saying that Shetland's cow milk is lacking but I'd like it more if they sold goat's milk. Goat's milk surprisingly has more calcium than cows milk and also someone said it is often an alternative for people who are allergic to cow's milk also it is a little sweeter.
Could just be something to do with the lack of people keeping milking herds of goats on Shetland. Am sure Shetland farm Dairies would market it is someone produced enough to make it worthwhile.


Never had any great problem with the plastic containers although I only buy pints and litres........and quite often from Tesco.

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