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Do you buy Shetland milk?


Do you buy Shetland milk?  

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  1. 1. Do you buy Shetland milk?

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I'd buy it if they did organic or goat's milk. Same with the butter - for a while I managed to get unsalted Shetland butter and it was lovely, but it seems that was a one-off and we don't eat salted butter, so it's back to supermarket unsalted organic.


If they broaden their output, and frankly bring it up to date, especially with organic product, I'd certainly buy Shetland since I prefer to buy local.

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Paulb - I can imagine it is costly, and, finances allowing, it is up to the individual producer to spend the time and money or not.


There are increasing numbers of people who are going organic for health reasons, including me, and so we will buy organic, be it local or from south, because we choose to try to avoid pesticides/antibiotics/vaccine residue etc from non-organic.


Ultimately, I am making a choice about what I eat/drink not out of laziness or cost, and I would much prefer to get it locally but if I can't, sadly, Tesco/Co-op it is.

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Joy, have you thought about community food growing? There are folk on Shetland who are part of a wider, national network.

You do not have to agree with all they stand for, though in practice, it makes you think of how you use your resources and get the best from them.




There are folk who are happy help others.

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