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Fuel discount profiteering


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Or da SIC buys a peerie tanker! ship wir ayn fuel! it'd certainly be da only ship in dere fleet dat paid fur itsell


This is the kind of joined up thinking Shetland needs just now.


Why not do it?


Because when the retailers leave the big companies who ship the fuel up then there is no going back, ever. So as soon as it goes wrong or collapses or is no longer worth while then its game over for everybody in shetland.


Retailers in shetland make the same profit, if not less than sellers on the mainland (wouldnt blame most of you for not believing that but its the truth).


The reason they changed their big signs a few years ago to the likes of National instead of BP is because they dont sell as much and this allows BP to charge them more even though its the same fuel that goes to the BP garages south.


Selling fuel is a small percentage of profits for most garages. Its the draw that makes the money so if they could sell it cheaper up here... they would.

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Anyone else reckon that, at £1.48.9 now, where even Grantfield are £1.46.9, Sound are taking the mick?! :shock:


Do they not realise that if they kept it down, even by a penny or two, lower than their competitors, they'd get more people coming to fill up? I just don't understand it.


Unless they are planning on pushing it up again and really squeezing us all for a while, until they all "do us all a favour" and drop it to around the £1.50, at which point we will all say, "Thanks guys! Well done! Whew what a relief!" :?


Or am I being too cynical...?

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Leasks filling station put their petrol up 4p/litre today; It is now the same price as their Diesel at 150.9


That hasn't happened for months or has it been longer? : Diesel has been 5p dearer for ages; alledgedly because it costs more to refine.


Sutherlands were still 146.9/L at 5.30 tonight.


I would assume their price will be going up overnight; which is how it usually works.


As far as I can see the price of Brent Crude is about $125/barrel; where it was on March 28th and where it has been more or less since the beginning of February this year.


I wonder what the excuse will be this time?


Wrong sort of snow in April!


anyone got Tavish or Alistairs emails handy?


Cynical of shetland

(proved correct far too often for my own comfort)

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Guest posiedon

Diesel has been 5p dearer for ages; alledgedly because it costs more to refine.

Diesel actually costs less to refine than petrol, the excuse they use for the higher cost is that there aren't enough diesel refineries to meet the demand.

It's a ******* joke.

All the public transport and delivery vehicles run on diesel, time the refineries got up to date.

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myth - something while widely believed to be true, is false.



boys and girls please stop this nonesense and myths before they spread like wildfire


Petrol and deisel are made in the same crude oil refineries. so is youre heating oil and youre bottles of calor gas and the heavy oil which fuels youre larger ships and the jet fuel for youre aeroplanes,

garages are selling petrol cheaper becuase there has been a missive drop im demand in the last 10 years as more people switch to diesel but since most british refineries were built in the 1960's theyre set up to make much more petrol than diesel. supply and demand.




A local authority WILL NOT AND IS NOt PERMITTED TO buy fuel to sell to local traders at a discount therefor undercutting the private sector distributers using public funds no chance ever maggie thatcher would take on a new lease of life fly out of her nursing home and boot the arses of the sic herself.


as for build a micro refinery? sorry but you obviously have no idea what youre talking about.


even a small 20 thousand barrel a day number would still cost 10s of millions of pounds need several dangerous chemicals shiped up and require almost as many staff as sullom voe currently employs whats more it is not economicly viable or bp would consider it. without a full refinery operation with a number of plants youd need to pay comanys a fortune for blending stock and to remove youre residual waste products.


sorry to ruin the dream folks but im afraid we live on an island, we just have to pay island prices.


ps a mate of mine from home works for gb oils. we spoke in the pub at christmass he said gb oils like all small companys rip of rural areas becuase they can but the OFT sided with them becuase they are not preventing any other company from doing the same and competing with them.

if there was so much profit theyd all be here

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The reality is, all the pumps near lerwick go at the same price. Somtimes the signs dont get updated at the same time thats all.


Recently since the 5p drop, a lot of garages believe it or not have made a loss because they havent yet been reimbursed for the drop. Even though the 5p drop is a joke... it could well be 1.55 a litre at the mo...

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