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Tagon Stores - Fuel Promotion Day

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Well they saved me £15 on a half tank of fuel, I can't remember the last time half a tank cost me £30!


Scott and Phoebe are fantastic, the previous owners were fine enough, but to walk in on the new owners first of second day and be welcomed with a big cheery 'Hi. how's things this morning?' was fantastic. They are always chatty, alway pleasant and now they're doing something about the ridiculous fuel prices we pay in the islands. As he said to me today they have lost money hand over fist by lowering their prices, but rather than worry about it they did it, so hats off to them!

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Well done and keep up the good work Scott and Phoebe, I see you sold out of fuel yesterday, I just hope your suppliers don't extract the urine when they send you the bill for the next load, don't worry about all the negative comments they probably have friends or family that own other pumps around the Island.

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