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Shetland Flag Day


Will you be flying the Shetland flag?  

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  1. 1. Will you be flying the Shetland flag?

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Heres a point!




01/02/06 - one year since our flag was officially recognised.


Jógvan Jacobsen had to send an email into Hans at the shetland-news site for me to notice that this was the case!! Did anybody know this? Was there any mention of it in the run up?

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I'm surprised by that, I thought the Shetland flag had been a regognized one for a long time. It's a shame there was no official recognition of the first anniversary. Especially as Shetlanders (born and bred and incomers) have a fairly strong sense of identity. It would surely be a good excuse for a spree if nothing else. Oh, I forgot, Up Helly Aa dominates all at this time of year.

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^Interesting point. Who stands to profit from the sale of these flags? And who is promoting Shetland Flag Day?


I really don't know, but I hope there are no conflicts of interest.


I'm sure I could get these flags made here for a fraction of the price. Could be a good business plan for next summer. :twisted:

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And why aren't they available anywhere except in Lerwick ? I tried to find one in Northamavine, Brae and on a couple of the Islands at the weekend. When asked why they were't available in outback shops the staff all said the same thing "we dont know why we havent been asked to sell them".

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