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Shetland Flag Day


Will you be flying the Shetland flag?  

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  1. 1. Will you be flying the Shetland flag?

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    • yes.

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You need planning permission for a flag pole - so, let's see, that will be about 6 months while you to and fro with the letters!


We just use a wooden stick tied onto a strainer post at the top of wir road. If anyone asks it's to scare away black backs

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What a lot of moaners! :D


Is it too simple to just embrace the Shetland flag day thing as a bit of harmless fun?! Is it wrong to revel in a bit of feel good patriotism that's not hurting anybody and brings all the people who live in Shetland together?


Sometimes - as Shetlanders - I think we need to lighten up a bit and give the sniping a rest. Not EVERYTHING the SIC does is bad - although I accept it is a useful default position most of the time.

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I just don't understand what buying a bunch of flags has to do with celebrating Shetland. Flag waving isn't really a traditional Shetland thing is it? I always thought folks up here were a bit more practical and level headed than this.


Sure, let's have a Shetland day, but no need to generate a whole bunch of extra landfill in the process.


Is there an element to all this that I've missed?

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The Shetland flag itself is a recent invention, the work of Andrew Williamson of the old museum, if I recall correctly. At one point in time, twenty odd years ago, the only place you ever saw it was on the end of his byre in Sellafirth (the Yell one) and there didn't seem to be any great enthusiam for it, neither the design nor the idea of a flag per se.


I'm amazed at how ubiquitous it has become.

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I'm not against the idea of a flag at all, nor the design. My point is that the popularity of it is more an expression of a new pride in Shetland, rather than the cause of it. I'm glad to see this change in attitude, though flag-waving is, to me, one of the least interesting aspects of it.

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like i said i will if the sic supply the flags and somewhere to fly them.

whit wye does da sic hae ta pay for it. far too mony folk up here tink dat da sic should pay for athing. grants for dis an grants for dat. learn ta stand apo de ain feet.

If mare folk had ta pay dir ain wye in life den maybe we mite just win somewhar

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Well, i like the flag, if i so wish i'll happily buy my own and i'm happy with the idea of a flag day. I just don't think it should be at midsummers. There are heaps of things already staged around this glorious date. I feel it would be prudent to have a flag day at some other time and then, as the idea/day developed, further events could be organised in context with it. Flag waving could well feature at the carnival anyway. If we are to instill pride in these generations and future ones let us do so in an appropriate fashion, rather than waving flags at carnivals and strapping them to motorbikes. (though it's fine to do that as well!) :wink:

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^Good point but when would be an appropriate flag day?




With the death of the Ultimate Viking , Sweyn Asleifson, at Dublin on a raid in 1171, the independent power of the Earldom of Orkney was coming to a close. In 1193 a fleet manned by the Island Beardies, many of the leading men from Orkney and Shetland, invaded Norway with the support of the Earl. They were roundly defeated at the Battle of Florvag in 1194 near Bergen by King Sverre Sigurdsson.



Okay, we were defeated, but Orkney and Shetland invaded Norway. That's gotta take some balls. Shame we don't know the exact date or we could fly our flags then!


There's the original 24th night but it's perhaps too near Up Helly Aa, or maybe April 1st. At least it would be original.


Or what about February/March time of year. It's a long spell without any partying going on.


...but mid-summer! ...come on :?

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