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Shetland Flag Day


Will you be flying the Shetland flag?  

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  1. 1. Will you be flying the Shetland flag?

    • no
    • yes.

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I'm not against the idea of a flag at all, nor the design. My point is that the popularity of it is more an expression of a new pride in Shetland, rather than the cause of it. I'm glad to see this change in attitude, though flag-waving is, to me, one of the least interesting aspects of it.


I like the part when we get to wave flags, it looks pretty and mighty. I think at exactly 12 everything should stop and we all look up to the closest flag, hand on heart, tear in eye and sing 'The norseman's home'

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As I said before we would fly the flag but they haven't been made available outside Lerwick. :(


What does "available outside Lerwick" mean?


Next time your in Lerook buy one from LHD or maybee Westside Pine or better still ask dee local shopemopriumkeeper to get one for dee.

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The flags fine but to wave it about in honor of it'self seems a bit odd, as for patriotism, cant we just accept we're all really great and get on with it. If we need a special Shetland day how about a Shetland produce day, celebrating and promoting Shetland goods, which we can then stick little flags on.

Just having a day of the flag is kinda like buying a Tshirt with your own name on, it's a representative of who we are but it doesn't say much of what we're about.

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