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Shetland Flag Day


Will you be flying the Shetland flag?  

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  1. 1. Will you be flying the Shetland flag?

    • no
    • yes.

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Nowt to do wi flags. But Germany deserved the win.


Anyhow, I flew both Shetland and Norway flags in my porch and had a couple of Norwegians stop by and ring the bell. A cup of tea, a buscuit and a wee yarn. Flags can start relationships. And in ships you would fly the ports national flag out of courtesy, hence the name.

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Pooks wrote :- Flag flying here in NZ but then again its been flying all year.

Tink dis micht be pairtly why so few flags flown here in Shetland. Da wadder tends tae shred dem brawly frequently and as dey are brawly expensive you need tae be a guid haand on da shewin machine !!

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^ If it is, its been kept a well guarded secret.


I don't think I'll be bothering even if it is, I canna tell the difference between a Scots one and a Shetland one, and I'd really hate to find out I'd actually been flying a Scots one by mistake. :oops:


A skull and crossbones is more "me" anyway.... :P

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""the Shetland Flag

Shetland’s flag is another reminder of an island heritage that owes as much to Scandinavian as to Scottish culture. The colours are the same as those of the Scottish saltire, but the cross is in the form found on the flags of the Scandinavian countries. The flag was designed in 1969 and gained official recognition from Scotland’s authorities in 2005. It is widely flown in the islands, particularly on 21 June, the longest day of the year, which is Shetland’s Flag Day.""


I shall get my one out. along with my english flag.

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....along with my english flag.


In the interests of harmonious domestic arrangements, I guess I'd best not say one damn thing about this one. :?


say what you like! im not easily offended by anything you say! take it witha pinch of salt!


:shock: :wink: ... wakey wakey!

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