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Make sure that the room you are sleeping in is as dark as possible as even the tiniest bit of light can affect your melatonin levels which help get you to sleep. Open your windows throughout the day to let a fresh air supply in which also helps you sleep. You could try some of the 'kalms' range available in chemists, such as the drops to put on your tongue or the tablets and I use lavender spray on my pillow at times. Don't watch tv or use computers right before bed, read a book or listen to music instead. An obvious thing is to make sure you are not sleeping in too long in the morning and that you are doing things throughout the day which tire you out. Trying to stick to a routine of going to bed around the same time each night and getting up at the same time each morning helps too. Also don't drink anything with caffeine in it before bed.

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Mr Andrew Johnson's mp3 or "app" for relaxation or sleep (he has a variety - one for every occasion, it seems!) assist me, between cases. It was Watson's idea, as the gunshots kept alarming the neighbours, somewhat!


His website may be found here:




or via a search, on the late Mr Jobs' "App Store" thingamybob, or the Android Marketplace thingamajig.


I remain,


Your humble ssssnnnzzzzzzzzzzzz :wink:

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i used to suffer from some sort of sleep prob where by as i was trying to drop off i would hear a loud buzz and feel awake but could'nt move or breath :( bloody scary but the more it happened the more i accepted it untill now if it happens i dont worry at all :? i asked a doctor years ago but just got a kind of mumble :oops: it seems like a form of sleep paralysis but the docs had no google thena days

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