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Where ARE the best places to eat and have good coffee?


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Best for coffee in town Peerie Shop, Havly & Olive tree, Though not if you're in a hurry at Lunch time. The 3 also do the most divine soups, but if you need soup and a sandwich quick in Lerwick, Lifeskills.


Best Coffee in Shetland Braewick Cafe.


Service is mixed everywhere.

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What is the catch at lunch times? Why are they off the list then?

Most places in Shetland haven't got their heads round doing orders most time effectively, instead tackle each as they come in. So if you just come in for take away soup if you have 3 difficult orders before yours you can wait 20minutes for someone to put some soup in a paper cup.

For the Havly service times are odd. Peerie shop is a victim of it's own success. The Olivetree is dependant on the queue in front, it's deli counter style layout can slow things down, though the customers are usually very good and waive you through if you're just after a coffee.

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I Agree re the service times.

They just don't seemed to be manned for service. It seems they are cutting costs w fewer employees n hence can't serve customers w speed and efficiency.

Peerie cafe n havly have a similar problem with the staff being teenagers and no proper supervision to teach them.

I've stood and waited to be served whilst they finish their personal conversations. And been in the havly and no one at the counter! So frustrating!

I will say that the havly seems to have new kitchen staff or something as the soups are extremely delicious and the specials board items are very tasty. BIG improvement!! They had mussels on the menu last week and they were fabulous! Enjoyed every bit.

We went in on Monday and it was super busy, they had some lovely chocolate cupcakes I took back to the office and we were impressed but went back on Tuesday and there were lovely looking lemon ones but when we tasted them they weren't as delicious as the chocolate ones.

We think there are more than one baker and we vote for the chocolate cupcake maker! Yippee!!

The scones are also really good. Though the tray bakes are a hit or miss. Again seems to be a different baker.

I do enjoy the cheesecake at peerie cafe and their other treats! They have a more diverse selection of sweets to go with a coffee!

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Guest CyprusPluto

Peerie cafe is excellent for a lunchtime snack and always a hive of activity.


For an evening meal I very much like the Grand. Nice food and very polite staff

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Not too keen on the cup cake place... £1.50 for a fairy cake with a pile of topping? Was dry and not that nice. However I concede I've only ever had one in there. At least there their cups/mugs are not 2cm thick like for the hot chocolate in Peerie cafe.


Museum is ok, Olive Tree is quite nice :)


The Havly I've been in a few times, the sofas are nice, the table chairs are uncomfortable. On weekday mornings your coffee is accompanied by the wails of pre-schoolers as the mums go in for a chinwag... knowing there are toys for the kiddies. As I mentioned before, even when it's empty it's taken 15 mins to get a hot chocolate. I'm always sat in there wondering if they are picking the pods/beans themselves...


Ahh don't mind me, I'm tired and should go to bed ;)

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