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Appointments at Lerwick health centre


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Although it certainly seems a shambles I've been twice in the last 3 weeks, staff were helpful, no, I didn't get the appointment times I wanted cos I didn't even ask!!!!!!!!!!!


They're busy so bloody take what you can get ans stop friggin moanin. As someone else has said u can only pish wee da fanny u hae!

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Am I going to complain? tbh no. Why? Because it's not my surgery, haven't been registered in Lerwick for at least 16years, I hopefully will never have to attempt to get an appointment there again (fortunately I was given a backup plan by the staff at the hospital).

Maybe I put the receptionist's back up when I had to check that I had actually had got the right number, because unlike every other practice I've ever contacted, the phone was answered with a "Hello?"

Did have a fun summer once checking NHS Grampian's receptionists, after one of the main complaints and "barriers" to accessing healthcare in the region was receptionists.

Being a receptionist at any health centre is not an easy job and having complaints levied against them for in my case a 1 off isn't going to help their attitude towards their workplace.

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This forum is for people to express their feelings, whether positive or negative it is opinions.

Working in a place where the stress levels are sky high and people are constantly complaining to you must be terrible especially when there is nothing you can do about it. I know if it was me having people constantly moaning and complaining to me it wouldn't put me in the best of moods, good on the receptionists for doing the job their doing, without them can you imagine the shambles????

The appointment system is a joke! Absolute joke! 2 days of walk in appointments or phone calls and the calls are limited?! I think a better plan is needed.

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