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Do you go out drinking in Shetland? / Lerwick pubs

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How often (if at all) do you drink in Shetland  

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  1. 1. How often (if at all) do you drink in Shetland

    • Never
    • Very occasionally (a few times a year)
    • Once or twice a month
    • Most weekends

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I chanced on this discussion and wondered how folk thought the town had changed over the past few years.


I hadn’t been out around town for a couple of years until recently and was pleasantly surprised with the ‘vibe’ in Mareel, the Dowry and the String. We nipped into a couple of ‘old faithfuls’ too, and not much had changed, but we still had a good time. 


Do you think the town ‘on the up’?

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Guest PJS1979

Legion is very poorly run, i wouldnt be surprised if it closes at current location and moves to a smaller premises, most of these pubs struggle for trade now expect for the douglas and newly opened Dowry

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It must be very costly to run a pub,staff,electricity rates, rent/mortgage, ect, and those costs are reflected in the price of drinks consequently folk are now purchasing cheaper priced refreshments from the supermarkets and staying at home.


Many no doubt watching a movie with friends or whatever on their smart wide screened tvs which is probably connected to super fast broadband :ponders:

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I think the town is on the up and has a very positive vibe about it in the last year.

The Dowry and String are excellent and busy night and day. Plenty of folk walking about the shops during the day as well.

I have even noticed that the Mareel bar can be quite busy at night especially with the ladies.

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