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Loud exhausts.


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So the cars that drive away from yours and accelerate ridiculously, heading south out of the village up that brae aren't noisy and have nothing to do with you?


Mate, I'm not the only one round here who's noticed or talked about it, but I'm the one who's posted on here, and I'll stand by every bit of "rubbish" I posted. If there wasn't a problem, I wouldn't post about it. And as I said, when your pals are waking my bairns and tripping the baby monitor with their quiet diesel engines late at night as they leave yours, there IS a problem, as far as I'm concerned.

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I.S if you have a problem with us come and knock on our door, we're the fast and stupid crew ;) looking forward to our chat!


now now currie, there is ways and means of sorting out problems. the civilised way and the gavbey way ;) . we should always respect the comunity as at the end of the day these are the people that can help us with fund raising for track-days at unst like there used to be. as said before its not just young people that are intrested in motors either.


i think we just need help to organise days out with the cars and bikes, i don't know who we would speak to about that tho....??


The Unst Trackdays could be re-instated soon enough, we are working on it at the moment, and once more information can be released it will be gavbey - So watch this space..

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[but also violence does not solve everything so egging cars would deffinatly be a bad idea in shetland. a good bolocking (on there own) always sorted me out when i was younger. give that a try


Alas, they didn't want to listen to the voice of reason "Please don't park your car here because ...". Egging the windscreens was the non-violent approach. The Police were powerless to shift the cars because it was on a Council Estate and the roads were deemed private roads. You had two rows of flats dating from 1896 with raised ground in-between them where residents parked their cars, and the "road" was tarmac between each row of flats and the raised ground. Every Sunday morning when Brick Lane market and Columbia Road flower market took place, you had at least 20 cars parked nose to tail.


It wasn't uncommon for some of my not so friendly neighbours to slash the offenders' tyres. Superglue frequently sold out in the local shops (and not to the glue sniffers either). Cars got keyed. Blimey, I even remember the occasional car being torched (How the others never caught fire, I'll never know).


The Police would attend and all they could do was advise people not to park there but many simply ignored them. They were aware of the egging of windscreens and tended to side with the residents.


There was the occasional punch up - now that was violent.


This went on for yonks until the Council finally changed from being labour controlled to LibDem controlled. Not only did we all finally get the sugar glass cracked windows replaced and other repairs we'd banged on about for years, the LibDem Council had the commonsense to install barriers and gates so it became true residents only parking.

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I looked but couldn't find another thread about this.

Have any of you had neighbours constantly revving their cars with

Loud exhausts on such a regular basis that it is driving you mad.

It's mostly young lads with modified exhausts that they seem to think we all like to hear.

there are laws against all sort of things but the law about exhausts is very vague.

I got stopped once with a burst exhaust and told by the police to get it seen to.

It was nowhere near the noise that these guys are putting out.

I have asked politely and after a time asked unpolitely but still it continues in a neighbourhood where the average age is 60+ so no one wants to complain.

I am on the verge of going to the police but there has to be another Can anyone advise me on any options i have.

Apart from putting up with it and doing nothingsolution.

It's not just the neighbour but his friends come with their similarly loud cars and think it is open season.

On days when everyone parks in their driveways and the street is clear it's a lock your cats upo and hope your grand bairns don't run out onto the normally sheltered road/dragstrip.

Does anyone have any advise on what to do apart from bury your head and ignore it


jim i know who you are. you complain about noise? coming from the guy that has a old heap of an L200 with dead glow plugs turning over for 5 mins EVERY morning, kicking blue oily reek out the back! oil puddles all over the town coming from your leaking sump! to noitfy people what kind of person ONLYJIM is we saved his wife and his house when it went on fire! we risked our own lives to make sure his wife was safe and also stopped there house burning to the ground (that HE caused laying felt) until the fire brigade came! ...... did you even say thank you????? no you didnt!


you dont see us complaining about you. yes a few of our friends have loud exhausts and i can apologise on there behalf but i cant make them change there exhausts. my car is a classic super car. you cannot get a lower DB exhaust! many classic cars are just loud and have relaxed mot regulations on noise. i can assure you also that we are law abiding and our cars are perfectly road legal not to mention friendly guys.


there is a difference between as said "boy racers" and people who love and live by motors!


i am not from shetland. i do however notice that there is ALOT more interest in cars/bikes up here. the reason in my eyes is there is nothing else for these boys and girls to do at night apart from play with there cars and bikes. i sujest a place outside town where these guys can go, away from houses.... a skid pan... a drag strip...a drif track... a go-cart track..... as soon as you have a place where they can congrigate there is no longer going to be loud fast " boyracer cars " blasting around town and dangerous roads.


as others have said about speeding on single track roads where kids are around i completely agree, i have no respect nor time for anyone that could put another person/child in danger. there is a time and a place.


but also violence does not solve everything so egging cars would deffinatly be a bad idea in shetland. a good bolocking (on there own) always sorted me out when i was younger. give that a try


You didn't save my house and my wife from a big fire.

It was a few planks on a conservatory which had ample fire stops to prevent it reachin the main building.

I thanked everyone at the time sorry if I missed you out.

Or you didn't hear me when the fire brigade arrived.

I don't have a leaky sump and don't leave puddles all over town.

Also it starts no bad for 10 years old when it isn't cold or been lying for days.

None of this by the way has anything to do with racing up the road in a normally quiet area ,turning and racing back, or sitting revving your engines endlessly in a road where you don't live.

I wasn't insulting people either, just asking for some peace and quiet.

Edit...I didn't notice the risked our lives bit.

You ego is as big as your exhaust.

I am extremely grateful to the guys who came to help and all that anyone did.

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since everyone seems to know eachother why not speak in person rather than bickering on shetlink.


exactly, thats what should happen. he did come over but with a very violent atitude while unable to walk in a straigh line if you know what i mean.


i have had words with a few of my pals to calm it with the right foot (making noise).

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And I'd appreciate it if you would stop being so damn patronising by assuming that in my life that I have never been to a community council meeting.


Yeah, add to that the fact I simply did not have a clue that council tax makes up a small proportion for some local authorities as to the actual amount spent - perish the thought that I previously worked for an LA. You ain't the only person on the planet with a brain.


If you had been, you would have known that these meetings have involved PACT and MATAC meetings and had them discussed. Your apparent lack of that knowledge in your post indicated you had not.

The police will respond to all requests, perhaps not as you may like it.

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^ Tis okay, Ghostie, my darling, obviously SP has not read my pre-coffee n ciggie reply posted earlier today elsewhere on this forum.


The police will respond to all requests, perhaps not as you may like it.


Ah SP, if this was indeed the truth, then you would be aware that a number of complaints are upheld each year against the Police.

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As said before, if you attend these sorts of meetings you can see that there are results, they may not be how you like them, but there are results.


It seems though however, you do not attend any sort of community meeting, well, apart from the mobile chippy.

This makes me wonder why you make any complaint or comment, goes against what you think the point is.


I hope the neighbours sort out their differences in relation to the noise, it does seem that there has been a gesture.

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SP, I was very active when I resided in London. With regard to the CC down here in the Ness, it may well have escaped your detective skills that I've only lived here for just over two and a half years. Within that time, I have read the Minutes displayed locally and the literature from said CC.


From reading such literature I have been able to see the "results".

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I have only lived here for a few years, it is surprising what you can do if you really care, lists of past appointments don't really help. It is the community you are in and how you feel about it. Sadly, as evident here, on this thread, folk have lost confidence, so it will always be hard to get them to stop spitting bile at it and address. It is far easier to use the system put in place to get back at those who you think should not have put it there in the first place, than become devoured in a pool of bitterness and negativity.

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