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Viewforth House days numbered?


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It seems Viewforths days are limited according to the budget report.


It has already been a known fact that the building is in need of some serious work, this is why only money spent on safety is really a priority.


I would think that the residents will be distributed among the remaining centres, though, the worry is the individual care plans and how they will be worked into other centres.


We have already been contacted by the department, it is now time to look at all the options.


It is a shame, the staff are brilliant and some of the residents I have met can be fun at times.



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The upstairs at Viewforth will be closing down while they move folk, some will move on, others will occupy downstairs. Even though we were not happy with the move, there was little we could do. However, being involved at various levels have helped us stay informed and we hope, helped those making those choices make better ones. As ever, there were a number of rumours spread around that did not bode well with the families, residents and staff. This I guess is the nature of a now faceless community, well an increasing one. After involving one or two councillors in our story, I must add that they did do all they were able to, as individuals. The right questions were asked and the process was monitored.

My thoughts now go to those who may be troubled by the move, and do not understand, also, to those family members who will have to watch what happens. The staff too have to deal with all of this as well. All levels of staff and officers have been brilliant, to the chatty and thought full ancillary staff to those managers and key workers who have tried to improve the lot of those who do not understand.

The move will take some time, may be a couple of years.

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i hope it goes well and the skills of the viewforth staff are not lost. funny that the only unit specializing in dementia care is closing that the nhs are recognizing the health care gap between a palliative ie last year of life dementia patient and one dying of cancer. hopefully there will be more staff trained in the care of dementia soon. the planning of any move needs to be done very carefully you can lose some residents if its not done properly.  

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We did consider if our Dads house could be converted to assist him and others not so well off, this however would have been a constant uphill struggle and the fear of losing continuation was a factor. Folk give up their time working in these homes, many will stay on to settle a resident or take part in other activities. Time is the most valuable thing you can give to someone.

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