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Greatest Parish Cup Select


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On Saturday evening the conversation in the pub moved to who the greatest parish cup side was. Great debate was had all round, this was my thoughts -I'd be interested in others.


GK Ian Morrison (Whitedale)

RB Leighton Flaws (Southend)

LB Peter Peterson (Delting)

CB Merv Jamison (Delting)

CB John Montgomerie (Whalsay)

RM Gordon Lawson (Sandwick)

CM Robbie Irvine (Whalsay)

CM Ross Jamieson (Delting)

LM Stuart Hay (Delting)

CF Michael Williamson (Whalsay)

CF Mike Davis (Whitedale)



Craig Dinwoodie (Delting)

Ian Irvine (Whalsay)

Ewan Odie (Sandwick)

David Clubb (Delting)

Ross McDougal (Delting)

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Wilbert Shearer

Graeme Sandison

Wilbert Jamieson


all won it probably around 15 times so I guess they wid qualify before some o da other ones.


Agree about Ernie Smith, although I never saw him play but everyone raves about him. Paul Spence, Grant Thomson/Craig Dinwoodie would be there and there abouts.

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