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The energy debate - Nuclear vs renewable


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both nuclear and renewable energy sources depend on oil so when the oil runs out neither will be viable. We will have to develope a society that depends on local resourses for survival.


How so?

Do you mean they need energy and materials from oil for manufacture and maintenance?

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yes solar panels are made using oil the blades of many wind turbines are made from oil. Also the concrete used in the errection of renewable generators uses alot of energy. I am very much in favour of renewable energy but I think my point is often over looked.

The amount of fossil fuels used in the production of nuclear energy is considerable. First the urainium is mined the transported long distances then after use it is transported as waste fuel and dumped in concrete bunkers. Then there is the construction of the power station and it's power distrubution network. The idea the nuclear is a carbon neutral fuel is false.

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I admit I don't know much about this issue, but........


Surely there are alternative materials that could be used?


And if we implemented sufficient renewable energy provision while oil is still available could we not ensure that we do have enough energy for construction/maintenance in the future?

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I read a very interesting snapshot article in this months Scientific American regarding wave power generated from "magnetic linear generation bouys".


Basically the gist is that there are no moving parts as such and the electricity is produced as the bouy moves up and down in the water with the magnets moving and creating electricity as they do so.


This is seen as being able to produce more energy than does tidal power - and would be an interesting topic for anyone to pursue should they be interested in such things..?!

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This article on the Shetland-News website is a bit worrying! Bloody MPs behaving like bairns :evil:


If you have heard of Eric Forth it would seem that this is infact his style of parliamentary conduct - he would appear to go out of his way to disrupt other members bills. One could speculate that it may be some form of megalomaniacal obsession for him? I understand that he has been quoted as going as far to say "I am not very anxious to help Private Member's Bills"! Thouroughly nice guy then!


Lets just hope his constituents see light and vote him out!

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With reference to the article linked to by PeerieBryan above, I have read that the utterly reprehensible tactics employed by these two Tory MP's (Eric Forth and Christopher Chope) have succeeded in delaying the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill.


They "filibustered" or "talked-out" the Bill, which is vital to the progress of renewable energy in Scotland. They blocked the vote, by literally talking for hours on end about nothing in particular. Horrifyingly, there is nothing which anyone can do about it, not the speaker, not another MP... no-one is allowed to interrupt them, according to Paliament's rules. But because Parliament runs to a tight schedule, this Bill will not get the opportunity to appear again until at least May. Aaargh!


Jess informs me that there are a whole range of other bizarre antics which MP's can get up to in order to disrupt and time-waste, to try to defer or prevent the passage of Bills.


These particularly nasty tactics never usually see the light of day because Parliament's time is too precious. But apparently these Tory MP's had decided otherwise. Whatever their motives were I have no idea. Maybe they belong to the mentalist anti-windfarm lobby - does anybody on this thread happen to know? Hopefully they'll be voted out next election.



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Here's more about it. Click here


Interesting little cross-thread bit in the 2nd last paragraph for any DC fans.


I'm no political expert but it seems that when you follow the antics of these two clowns they seem to function as a double act on many bills/votes etc.


Do they have some kind of official link to eachother?

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