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What Are You Listening To?


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Bohemian Deconstruction


Brought to you (some years ago) by The Kleptones. This is their mash-up of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" as done by pretty much everyone but Queen themselves. Clicky for more info


I've also been listening to another mash-up of theirs featuring Faith No More and Christian Bale being a potty mouth. I won't embed it here as it's riddled with Bale spouting obscenities... but you can find it yourself on their blog.


If you want some "proper" music to listen to then check out their free albums. They are quality 8)

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The Vatersay Boys "the rammy" 8) Amazin band


Dixie chicks "some days you gotta dance"


Red Hot Chilli pipers "smoke on the water"


Steve earle "Guitar town"


Eagles "Take it easy"


The Leveller's "Far from Home"


Red Vans "Go Boy Go"


Kenny Rogers "the gambler"


And lots more keepin me amused for 4 months!! still be Blyde ta get away fae da Computer :)

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