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What Are You Listening To?


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Thanks for accepting my apology, but you yourself will be warned, I am the taste police, any more of that old school sharn, not even a TOR router will protect your IP address. HeHe - only kidding

Go listen to The Fall or Captain Beefheart :lol:


Careful buddy, that would be My router and IP you're referring to in the present, seeing as she's squatting on My couch.


Meanwhile, The Fall and Beefheart are much less likely to be heard round here, than something like this:









BTW, I note that My kitchen sink is being left unattended again. Why?!? :wink:


....and one for pure self-indulgence:





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BTW, I note that My kitchen sink is being left unattended again. Why?!? :wink:


Because right now I'm meeting blooming deadlines (ah, the joys of being self-employed) typing away reports and the like aka:-



PLUS, as You blooming well know, the last person who insisted on housework ended up finding out I was filing for this:



Rendering me to seek Your ...



And deffo one of these:



So go and do the washing up Yourself. Mmm, that reminds me, got a Le Creuset very heavy pan to stick in Classifieds. :evil:

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For years, I thought an Afro was a hair style.


Well, now you come to mention it ... like dese:








@ Ghostrider - When You finally wake up from Your pit, You'll see I've done the washing up. No, I ain't gone soft, I wanted a cuppa this morning! :twisted: Besides, I is a Libra, not Aquarius (HINT, HINT, HINT).




Returns to the land where internet connection is protected up to high level on BT Business and where one has a decent speed compared to His :twisted: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow:

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