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What Are You Listening To?


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Oh yeah, and where's me cake? :wink: :wink:


Ummmm.....still trying to source that.....ahem....."special", ingredient. It just ain't quite the same without it, is it. :)


Typical bloke, always late. Don't You men realise that when us women DEMAND birthday cake the general idea is to receive said cake and stuff down one's cakehole in copious quantities on said date. Is a dark chocolate cake so difficult to source? Hell, if Sandwick bakery wotsists don't do a dark one, there's always M&S in Aberdeen, or even better Foord's Chocolates, Unst.


And where's me sodding red roses? :wink:


:arrow: :arrow: :arrow: *staggers in a drunken stupor back to sofa after being rudely awoken (hic)*


P.S. *(singing in cockney accent) Show me the way to go home, I'm tired and I wanna go to bed; I had a drink about an hour ago an' its gone right to ma 'ead....I'm forever blowing bubbles, pretty bubbles in the air....(FAINTS)*

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^ Oh, that kind of "special" ingredient....Who knew?!? :oops:


Roses, after yesterday and today's wind....They're long since fried, can you have your birthday a bit earlier next year if you want roses, they generally dead by mid-September. Having b/day in August would work. :D

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Oh yeah Ghostrider, I is moving out for a few days tomorrow so sofa can have a rest but I'll be back.


:shock: :shock: :shock: Why so sudden, what did I do..... :( :( :cry:


Oops....guess choc cake and red roses are hard limits. :?


Because ...


1. Dogs can't look after themselves.


2. Have you seen the amount of filing I've got to do?


3. Most importantly, the state of my gaff in F/B Cityville is absolutely terrible due to your naff internet connection and it requires my urgent attention.


4. There is no truth whatsoever in the rumour that I'm attending a crash course in Shetland lingo.


5. You got no Alka Seltzers.


... but I did say I'd be back!


In the meantime, nicked off a friend of a friend's wall on Facebook (Translation from Swedish required please)



And no, I'm NOT having my birthday in August and anyway, You could have ordered online or from the florists in town. :wink: There is, however, no excuse whatsoever for the failure re the cake.

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^^ :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:


Do I really want to dare opening any of those.....Excellent musical memories may just be instantly annhilated.....I mean Maiden.....with FGtH in it.... :arrow: :arrow: :arrow:


Tuts, tuts, tell the truth now Dear and apologise - I told You days ago that the Blondie/Doors one was rubbish but You asked me to post it and I know You liked the others. Last blooming time I'll come round with dinner if this is what I get ... tuts, shakes head, all blooming men the same. No apology? Cheese overdose could follow but in the meantime I could get into:-






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@ Farmer Brown - Welcome to Shetlink! Hope you enjoy this:-


Far out! Why did you post that ? Have you been doing some research?

Here is where we got to by the mid seventies. This is from our "spiritual" phase , a la Mahavishnu Jon McLaughlin/ Carlos Santana / Alice Coltrane. It is a live recording from a Divine Light Concert; yours truly on Fender Rhodes:

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Far out! Why did you post that ? Have you been doing some research? ...


Cos it was a damn sight 'groovier' than this



and better than this



Yep, a certain someone told me you mentioned NZ in another thread. Will have a listen to your track later. Meanwhile, I like sharn like this:


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Well, I have to agree with your judgement, if only out of loyalty. But Stoned Guitar et al still enjoys "huge" cult status , if that makes sense. I'm not saying that that later stuff from Beyond the Material Sky is much good , but it did have its moments. We had a reunion a couple of summers ago, and the biggest buzz was to realise that we all ( with the exception of Neil Storey, claimed by circumstance with Dragon in Australia) had survived.

It's interesting to look back at that whole "Hendrix" genre and realise that it started here, and grew; Jimi borrowed quite a bit:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iD6wXaYyIxs and this


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Guest Anonymous

"Stoned Guitar" Great name for a band, by the way!

"still enjoys "huge" cult status , if that makes sense" no I'm sorry that doesnt make any sense, I'm on Neil Storey's side.

The "Hendrix Genre" Started here? Me thinks someone is having an acid flashback to something that never happened.

Shetlink music just gets better, we have a pair of old "rockers" with zero taste and knowledge of music, playing out their love affair in public (thinking its cool - not realising how stupid and juvinile they sound)

And now we have a guy who thinks Jimi Hendrix "borrowed quite a bit" of his bands music!


You could not make this stuff up.

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