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Shetland and the Titanic


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Shetland's main connection with the Titanic is Walter Gray who was the officer in charge at the radio station in Cape Race, Newfoundland. This station was the first place on dry land to hear the Titanic's distress calls. An amateur radio station in Shetland will be marking this event




A biography of Walter Gray is here. He is also noted for donating the Walter and Joan Gray home in Scalloway.




There is an audio clip of Walter Gray speaking about receiveing the Titanic's last messages here



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The Titanic really fascinates me! It is such a big story and still known after 100 years! This tragic event is also a symbol for an old world to me - and all the films that have been made of it! A little bit of nostalgia it is of course, yet I can fully understand that we do nowadays long for something like that. All the movies show the old garments, the haircuts, the gestures, the jewelry and so on - like a half fictional-half true heritage film. I really love traditional items like old watches, and I have found my favorite one online - so I can feel like those people back then, without having to drown with the ship :lol:

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