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Shetland Parkour Experience


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seems like a good idea to me we used to run around like dafties when we were bairns climbing da banks on roofs you name it, This at least will have some aspect of safety involved so no need to worry too much about them hurting themselves.

snowflake if you don't let your kids run a bit wild now they will never learn about risk management and are more likely to hurt themselves in the long run. kids bones break but they heal easy enough better they do it now than when they are older and take longer to heal.

broke plenty of bones when I was a kid and none the worse for it now, but injuries sustained as an adult just keep niggling away.


I too would like to know how much funding and from where has been obtained for this though

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just because i choose not to send my child to an event which i feel unsuitable due to the dangers, does not mean i have them wrapped up and dont let them out. my child has a perfectly happy childhood playing and running around with their friends. and i am well aware that accidents do happen while kids play, after all i was one once myself, but i am just choosing to not put my child to somewhere i feel has a higher risk of injury. and yes you are right broken bones do heal... but sometimes the scars from the trauma takes longer, but for somone who seems to think broken bones is nothing serious i guess you wouldnt really be to worried.


anyhows i have said all i wish to on the subject. i hope the event passes with as few casulties visits as possible.


Have a good weekend shetlinkers :)

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How a parent can willing pay to have there child par take in something that could so easily end in there injury is beyond me.


like football, rugby, hockey, gymnastics etc etc etc.



and yes you are right broken bones do heal... but sometimes the scars from the trauma takes longer,


I'm sure they are delightful bairns, juries out on you though :cry:

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shake your head all you want, im talking for exp.


having broken my hand while younger it never healed as it should have meaning i lost my job at the time due to being unable to use my hand properly and have since been limited to what work i can do. so yes sometimes it isnt as simple as oh i broke a bone and it healed fine. That one broken bone from my younger years effected what i can do in my later (but not that much lol) ones.


i have said what i wanted to having expressed MY opinion as it is my rigth to do so, just because it is my opinion does not mean it reflects what others think and it is not intended to. After all shetlink forum is about people doing just that.

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My son is also going to the event. He is very enthusiastic about parkour and the group in Shetland are fantastic. My son is 12 and the older ones always look out for the younger ones.


They learn how to fall properly, as do gymnasts, and have to check out the environment before they do anything. Safety is their top priority and yes an accident could happen as it can with any sport.


They are very fit and I am so pleased this weekend has been organised or my son would be sitting in his room most of the time on his computer.

Anyone who has reservations about this should go upstairs in the Clickimin when they are training and see what it is all about.


Good on Northern Focus Parkour.

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HI folks,

My name is Chris Grant and I run Glasgow Parkour Coaching, and will be teaching at the Shetland Parkour experience.


I hope I can address some of the concerns raised above and I think its a really positive thing for people to have concerns.



Parkour is a recognised, regulated sport with a National Governing Body, Coaching Qualifications and extremely strict health and safety rules.

Snowflake - Parkour shouldnt have been going on in your childs school without supervision/guidance from a qualified individual and im sad to hear someone was injured.

Unfortunately when accidents happen outside of an 'official' class environment the sport gets the blame, when in fact the danger there is that whoever was doing Parkour in the school was doing it without guidance.


This is the fault of whoever is in charge of the sessions, and suggests that the way they went about training is dangerous. this doesnt imply the discipline is dangerous. YOu wouldnt stick skis on someones feet and then point them at the nearest hill - they would get badly injured, and not because ski-ing is dangerous, but because the necessary steps havent been taken to ensure that the person is learning properly.


Parkour has a much much lower injury rate than most mainstream sports. I've been teaching Parkour all over the UK (including seeing about 150 per week in Glasgow) and in 4 years there's never been a worse injury than a bump or a bruise. How often do you see news reports about footballers/rugby players who have had serious or even career ending injuries? Because these sports are more conventional they tend to be painted and perceived in a better light. The amount of risk assessment and care that is taken over Parkour outweighs the care taken in most mainstream sports. Have you ever seen a risk assessment or asked for a coaches insurance at a football match? would you even think to do so?

A huge part of Parkour training of the students is about teaching them to assess and understand risk, know their capabilities, and read how their body is feeling about a certain move or jump before attempting it.

I can assure that Parkour, when practiced properly is very controlled and safe, and in my experience the majority of the Shetland Parkour COmmunity practices in a way which keeps them safe. At the upcoming event every measure will be in place to ensure the safety of the participants, and they will be taught how to manage the risk in their own practice.


In terms of ticket price - just to give you a comparison. A 2 hour class in Glasgow is £8, and in london is about £12. Our 2 day event in Glasgow costs £40 for the ticket and people have to travel from all over the uk and europe(and in fact we had 2 guys from Japan last year) to come to the event. Theres a Parkour Camp in Switzerland that costs about £600 for 5 days training and that doesnt include travel.


The shetland guys regularly save up hundreds of pounds to travel down to the mainland to practice Parkour. For this event, the group have mananged to raise a huge amount of funding from a number of resources, including 2014 communities which is a fund for groups trying to engage more people in physical activity. The group are legally constitued, have their own bank account, and have filled in funding applications to raise the money for this event. None of it has just been handed to them. This in itself is a huge acheivement and they should be commended for the work that has been put in. Because they have raised so much funding, they have managed to cover the majority of the costs and keep the ticket price very low in comparison to similair events.

I appreciate there are also travel costs to factor in etc, but unfortunately no matter where the students/participants come from, the costs of the event are still the same, and the guys have worked hard to keep the price as low as possible. There are a number of people coming from Aberdeen, Inverness, Glasgow and other parts of Scotland who will be spending hundreds of pounds to go to the event. I'm really pleased that SHetlanders can go for a fraction of this, as they are usually the ones who have to fork out.


There was a concern that some of the participants may continue to use spaces around Shetland - the Parkour community has existed in Lerwick for about 5-6 years, and they have pretty much gone unnoticed as they are respectful of space, dont cause any damage, and actively build relationships with local residents and community police. Any issues they have had have been resolved quickly and they treat the areas they train in with respect.


mad mandy - if you are worried that your child cant get to some of the classes on time just email the organisers of the event - im sure they would rather make an exception than have someone miss out completely.


Sorry for the massive response - if theres any other questions or concerns ill be happy to answer.

This event has been organised by an established, sensible group of young people and will bring a number of young people and adults from all over SCotland together to take part in physical activity. While its important to highlight potential issues, I think its also important to celebrate the effort the group have went to to make it happen. Its a great acheivement.



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I think its fantastic! What an opportunity to have sessions with a qualified coach. And £15 for the whole weekend - that's a bargain!


I had experience of the kids taking part in an organized Parkour session round our home last year - it was great to watch, the kids were having a ball (and were very well behaved as well!)

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Good on you Chris I know that lots of bairns are looking forward to it and I am glad that things are finally being arranged with kids in mind that doesn't include football.

Mandy I'm sure accomodation could be arranged on the mainland for even part of the weekend. There are plenty ex Fetlar folk living on the mainland.

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My name is Chris Grant and I run Glasgow Parkour Coaching, and will be teaching at the Shetland Parkour experience.

Thanks for that, Chris. Your answers are much appreciated.


Both my son and daughter will be going and are really looking forward to it. My daughter has been a parakeet (:lol: not sure what the name for the participants is) for quite a while now and I'm very impressed with the Lerwick group.


An excellent sport, and very impressive to watch.

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