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Shetland Parkour Experience


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Delighted to be able to offer some parkour / circus workshops as part of the Youth Services summer activities throughout Shetland.


Here is the PDF with all the information including dates, times, venues and cost:




JL Cassels is the artistic director of Circus and performing arts group Bright Night International. An experienced performer and teacher, he will be delivering workshops in skills such as poi and contact juggling. Workshops suitable for complete newcomers or experienced performers.Bright Night International have collaborated regularly on physical theatre projects with Chris Grant of Glasgow Parkour Coaching who will be returning to shetland for the 4th time to deliver workshops in Parkour suitable for any level of practitioners. Chris is one of the UK's top Parkour coaches and has built a strong relationship with the existing Parkour community in Lerwick and is keen to meet new practitioners from other parts of the islands.

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There is a great spread of activities. Gets me thinking for us here. I like the

Momentum Driving Course. We organise a similar thing here for young drivers. It is a staged accident with all the gore, there is also an instructional side to this and the ramifications of accidents. It always goes down well. We are also working on getting a mobile skate park for the area. It is exciting. We introduce young folk to community radio, able to give them their own shows and teach them interview stuff as well as feature building. We have the use of a mobile football cage and hold competitions. In 2 weeks we have out own "It's a Knockout".Sadly, the County Council are cutting Youth Services. It seem we are the ones who need to fill the gaps. Folk have just turned into constant complainers, as soon as young folk sit on a bench, the police are called and the council come the next working day to remove it. I feel if we keep doing these sorts of things we will loose a great pool of expression and end up with bitter and resentful young adults.

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