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Lazy people using Disabled and Parent/Child parking.

Should Tescos enforce the Disabled and Parent/Child parking spaces?  

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  1. 1. Should Tescos enforce the Disabled and Parent/Child parking spaces?

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    • No

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Does it no drive you mad?


Yesterday morning at Tescos, in the space of 2 minutes, I watched four cars and one van using the parent/toddler spaces at Tescos. None of them had kids!


I have also seen folk using the disabled parking spaces at Fort, usually when nipping in for a chippy.


Why are so many folk so lazy and inconsiderate?


Do these people have no empathy for the situation of others?


Or is it just pure lack of intelligence?


I have confronted people in the past but they, to a person, have all scurried away mumbling something incomprehensible. (probably not very flattering to myself either!).


Anyone else tried talking to these folk?

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no there should be mum and toddler spaces. it was a nightmare when the sprogs were younger. its straight forward controlling 1 but when 4 of them are shooting off in diffrent directions then you really need to be near the doors. up here its not to bad but south it was a horrid experiance with all of them coming out with you.

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Try having a trolley full of shopping combined with a 2 year old and a 10 month old....


You take your trolley back to your car with your children sitting in the trolley seat. You are parked directly opposite the parent and child spaces at seafield road because there were no spaces where you would have liked to have parked. You apply the trolley brake on but it doesn't work. (btw there are NO brakes on the standard large trolleys with 1 child seat) You need to get your children out of the car and because there is no room to have the trolley up the side of the car you need to leave it pretty much "in the road" at the rear of your vehicle. You lift child 1 out of the trolley, but it shoots off across the car park containing your shopping but much worse - your child, in the direction of traffic and parked cars.


The car park at Tesco in this area is on a slight gradient and this happened to me. Now tell me we don't need parent and child spaces! If I can't get one of the parent and child spaces near the door, I tend to park in this area because I have to carry my daughter and walk holding my toddler's hand to get to the store and a trolley. In bad weather, getting in with them is a nightmare,


I am sick of the lazy folk who park in these parent spaces when they don't have a child(ren) to get into the store safely with.


Disabled folk should get priority spaces too, but they're not innocent of being lazy either. On several occasions, I've seen cars with blue badges parked up in the parent and child spaces outside the cashline when there have been numerous disables spaces free at the other entrance to the store, and more infuriatingly, the 3 disabled spaces to the left of the cashline were free. Now you can't tell me that parking in any of those spaces would have incurred any extra pain / difficulty to these customers to where they had chosen to park?

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Tescos is open until all hours. Leave the kids at home with you're partners or a babysitter and nip out for half an hour and do your shop. No need to be going through the day when its busy if you're well organised. Plus they stock their shelfs all day so no need to be missing out on fresh veg, fruit or meat etc.


Seems to me people are more worried about complaining about the smallest things nowadays without having a look at themselves and how They could possibly make life easier for themselves.

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Biglad me lad, you have no idea about the reality of life with kids.


What if you are a single parent?


Can all folk afford to get a baby sitter just to go shopping?


What if you actually want to include your child in your life?


A childs' safety in a car park is no small matter. It's worth discussing I think.


Just leave the parent/child spaces for the folk with young kids.


Also, to answer an earlier post, the folk that I have confronted about parking in disabled spaces were definitely NOT disabled, leaping out of the car and sprinting into the chippy kind of proves it I think. It's not like there was anyone else in the car either. And no blue badge.

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^^ Oh, I'm a parent. My son is in his twenties and I remember him quite well throwing a hissy fit around the age of three in Sainsbury's. How on earth do you think our parents and their grandparents coped without cars and so forth years ago? It isn't a bundle of joy shopping with children, be it for the parents or, quite frankly, the other shoppers when the minority of children misbehave and the parents appear not to care.


Tesco's and Co-op's car parks are hardly the busiest of places. Teach and encourage your likkle darlings to behave even if it does mean bribing them with those sweeties usually positioned near the check-out (Very thoughtful that one (not) of supermarkets) and then hopefully, they'll have some sense for when older around traffic.


Unless someone can correct me to the contrary, I haven't heard of any child being run over in a supermarket car park up here.

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