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Lazy people using Disabled and Parent/Child parking.

Should Tescos enforce the Disabled and Parent/Child parking spaces?  

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  1. 1. Should Tescos enforce the Disabled and Parent/Child parking spaces?

    • Yes
    • No

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^ After spending over 20 years living in London, I can assure you that many do not stop. The timing at several pelican crossings also leaves a lot to be desired, with pedestrians sometimes given what appears to be no more than 20 seconds to cross.

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I tend to park in the opposite corner where no-one else parks, then take the pavement around the edge. Some walking may do the kids some good too.


Tesco is turning into a place where people seem to go to chat to old friends, blocking the aisles or take their offspring for a day out. Let's have a time where grumpy old buggers like me are the only ones allowed in the store.

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i had an interesting experience regarding the parking bays outside tescos the other day which made me laugh.


i took a relative who has recently had surgery affecting mobility, that is infact why i was doing the driving, i decided to park in one of the bays as close as possible to the door which is marked up for parents.


upon completing the shopping expedition and with relative back aboard i returned the trolley and upon returning to my car was met with a torrent of abuse from the neighbouring car driver.


alledgedly im one of those effers who think they own the road with my big 4x4, and people like me ruin shopping for people like her, i am also unbelievably selfish and self centred, when i have kids ill understand, i didnt know how difficult it was for mothers to shop with kids, i should also be banned from driving for my crime.


this in itself amused me so i told her to eff off and continued on my way.


heres the punchline, her friend was in the car with the kids, none of which had left the car to go into tescos. and clearly she thought she had every right to be in a parent children bay. ha.

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Yip!!! Everybody's at it, not just the childless able bodied folk, and there's f-all you can do about it in Tesco's car park.


As for around the street, what is the craic with this new traffic warden? I've only seen him a couple of times over the last few weeks.



The job was re-advertised in this weeks Shetland Times.

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