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willies-landie wrote-


They are watching all of us waiting to pounce



This thread might prove it's worth yet as a means of comunication for more serious items (I do hope so) but it will always be the target of some leg pulling, however,


In light of the recent H,O action regarding the Sakchai issue and "I believe" the obvious employment of the previous mail's author is a comment which should concern all.


A tad insensitive and in poor taste sir.

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would be nice to see some patrols around bakland,as there is certain youths who like to do a bit of vandalisim my car included!!


i know who they are and there time will come :P


also sticking a couple of home cctv cameras around the house...for my own peace of mind. and yes there will be signs going in the windows to say premises under cctv..


what is this place coming to????? i mind you could go oot and leave your door unlocked,but not now with these NEDS aboot.

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either dat, or i'm sure fat bob, soapy and wee eck could create a good barrier around ur car (incidently, u auld enough tae drive or are u joyriding? how auld are u, 12? yeah u seem lik u've bin aroond firever, but u huvnae aged) :D


mebee u should start up sum catty target practise on da neds :D

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An incident of minor but malicious criminal damage to a wallet and a mobile phone resulted in the b-lock naked, soaking wet victim head-butting the foolish perpetrator at scalloway this weekend. Had his hands not been busy covering his "modesty" he may well have been able to give him a "slap" instead. But then the authorities probably already know about that one :wink:



(I'm not advocating violence in any shape or form, it's just a better than average bit of scandal, even by scalloway standards!)

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The above storey sounds good any chance of a few more details. Sounds like the best thing in Scalloway since the tug went on the rocks.


Sir, that was an ill thought out remark. In no way can the stranding of the Coastguard tug off Scalloway be considered as any sort of "best thing".

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