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How do I get my dumb cat to use the cat flap properly?

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We installed a catlfap last week. It goes into the greenhouse from our back door. We moved the cat litter out into the greenhouse. Our male cat figuired it out pretty quick. The female wasn't so impressed but seemed to get the idea eventually.


The problem:


She goes into the greenhouse to use the cat litter for a pee but insists on trying take her dumps in the kitchen sink! She never did this before. She tried it in front of me the other day and I just got her to the litter in time.


I clean the litter tray out daily so it's not a dirty litter issue.


We got them chipped and are just waiting for the chip activated catlfap to arrive. Planning to install that in the greenhouse so the cats can get in and out whenever they want.


I was so looking forward to life without cat litter but now I am despairing! I mean, surely cats prefer crapping outside?


We never had litter trays with the cats when I was growing up, they just asked out or used the catlfap. The thing is, they were all male cats. This is the first female cat I've had.



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ooh not a happy cat, and she's expressing it so. Female cats can be rather more disjointed about change than neutered males, just be glad she isn't spraying (yes females can and do when their nose is put out of joint).

Tapping the nose gently if found doing the naughty act is one way, but cats are rather like humans in not liking to do their business with an audience. You could use orange oil products in and around the sink to discourage her from going near the sink. Freshly ground black pepper is another good deterrent but a bit messier.

Or you could just bribe her, every time you notice one of them using the litter tray & cat flap give favourite treat.

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Thanks for the tips. I hope she gets it! Might just take time.


I suppose she could choose worse places!


When I was a kid one of our kittens was locked in the living room all night by mistake and chose my Lego box for a litter tray. The first I knew of it was when I thrust my hand into the Lego the next morning! He was trying to be clean though, as my mum tried to explain to me!

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