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Marina charges


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You will have to approach the individual marinas. The ones you mention are community marinas, run by local committees and have nothing to do with S.I.C. Ports and Harbours.


Some details may be out of date, but there are contact numbers here..




Ah, I understand now. Thanks.

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this might be of use...




Thanks for that, Delts. I'd actually started out looking at that but ended up chasing my tail as there were no direct info regarding long-term charges. it's a very useful site, though.


I look forward to trying to visit as many of the locations listed a spossible. 8)

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I,ve Been in Lerwick and Scalloway marinas.In most cases you actually buy the berth and then pay an annual maintenance fee.I would imagine a berth for a 16-20 ft boat would be about 1500-2000 to purchase plus an annual fee of around £100-150.Berths are priced by the square meter and price varies due to the marina construction costs.The older the marina the cheaper the berths tend to be.About 7 years ago I was quoted between 2500-4500 for a 33 ft boat.Each marina will be different but you could use this as a rough guide.Temporary berths may be available over the summer period.

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Not strictly accurate, you don't 'buy' the berth, the berth is always the property of the marina; you give the marina an interest-free loan of however much it cost the marina to provide the berth and this 'deposit' stays with the marina until such time as you decide you no longer require the berth.

At this time, when someone on the waiting list takes over the berth, your 'deposit' is returned in full.

Annual charges are for membership, maintenance and insurance of the marina.

Some berths may be available for short-term hire, usually when a boat is away or ashore for maintenance/repair.

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