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Shetland Butter


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Got some of this to try... it does taste a bit salty but that's down to individual preference.


However it doesn't seem to stick to the knife - it falls off (grr). It doesn't spead well on the bread either (was Malcolmson's brown one).


So is it always like this or did I get a bad batch? Or is there some knack to it?

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Don't keep it in the fridge, any butter than can spread straight out of a fridge has had something added to it to keep it "greasy" at low temperatures. Mine just sits in the kitchen cupboard, and is fine to eat for a week or more. Butter doesn't go off fast, and even when it does its the offensive taste that's the problem more then anything else.


It'll get to be naturally softer as well as yellower in colour now in a few weeks once the cows are out on grass again, Silage and concentrate feed may well contain equivalent nutrients, but its missing something only fresh grass gives.

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